Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life Before Battle

Hi all. I've recently just finished my finals which means goodbye Year 1. How fast, right? 

I don't know, the thought of finishing First Year is more depressing than exhilarating. It's like time is moving a little too fast and I'd be out working in no time. As childish as it may seems, I still don't really feel like growing up. The thought of being on my own and having less and less people to depend on kind of scares me, idk. 

Maybe it's because like what everyone said, I'm the youngest in my family so I'm really used to being sheltered from all the troubles and showered with unconditional love. I kinda think it's true but the idea of time is just still pretty messed up. It's like we are expected to grow up, be more mature as time passes but the thing is it doesn't work that way. It doesn't mean that just because I'm one year older, I'm one year wiser. Hence, I will not conform to that. Right now, I am still a 12 years old kid making a lot of decisions that's all. 

One thing about doing law and sitting for finals is that I never knew I could study that hard and have so little sleep!! But I still feel that my hard is not hard enough. I didn't put in as much effort as I could. And, if I get a terrible mark for my exam, I will feel so bumped, really. The thing about me is that each time I think that I'd do good/okay, I end up doing a lot worse so we'll see. Also, my bladder is stronger than I thought. I literally sat through three hours of full bladder. I thought I was gonna pee my pants. 

Anyway, a lot of things happened this few months. I will leave out the more personal ones and focus more on the interesting and fun ones! 

I've met up with my cousin on 12th February to study together and guess what she got me into. A SUMMON FOR PARKING AFTER THE TIME IS UP THAT I DIDN'T KNOW I GOT UNTIL I GOT A LETTER AFTER A FEW MONTHS. Guess what's her reaction after I told her. SHE LAUGHED. Then she got a summon after a few days so jokes on you, cous! 

That was my first ever summon by the way!!

Green Tea Latte

Carbonara Spaghetti

I got no idea what that cafe was called.

Then I had my annual meet up with my secondary school friends which is quite sad because there was a time in my life that i couldn't live with these people and now we just meet up once a year. A lot have changed but something still remains like the witty and silly Kah Yan and all the mockeries. Anyhow, seeing how much things have changed still pains me. Maybe one day I will grow out of it but I don't think it will be anytime soon when changes will no longer affects me.

We met up in Strangers at 47. They serve only crepes and cakes, I think. They serve both savoury and dessert crepes. Their prices are reasonable too! Fun fact: it is owned by Xandra Ooi's brother, Sean Ooi. 

I will try to meet up with you guys more often, I swear!!

After that, I had another birthday celebration to attend. It was Jia Yong's. We went to Franco. to celebrate her birthday and Amanda joined us this time! Yay! It was my second time to Franco. The first time I went was with my cousin cause I won us a pair of "Love, Rosie" ticket from Fly FM which premiered in One Utama, where Franco is situated. Shout out to the generous radio station, Fly FM! However, the last time I went, the restaurant was called Miam Miam. They renamed it to Franco.

Anyway, when you're there you gotta try their infamous FRENCH TOAST! It's not like any other french toast. It's da bomb! I don't have a picture of it though but you gotta try it. Trust me on this.

The Squid Ink Pasta (middle) is a must try too!

Then, it was Lam's birthday. We went to The Humble Pie Co. and I don't really remember what I had. I think I had the 1/4 Roast Chicken and one of the cakes. The cake was really really good! but I don't remember the name and neither did I take a photo. If I'm not mistaken it's popcorn something something.

Guess who joined us. Wen Xin!

I went to Singapore by a BUS (aka road trip!). So, we stopped somewhere along the highway for a toilet break. I went to toilet and came back to this view behind the bus. Gosh, once I saw this view, I realized how I have under-appreciated Malaysia. This place is so beautiful. Ok, I may not have added your preferred filter or should not have added any at all. My poiny is, if you don't think the pictures are nice, it's fine cause it really do look damn nice in real life. Stop by Pagoh rest stop and you'll see this beautiful scenery.

The initial plan was to visit my grandaunt but aunt planned to go to Gardens by the Bay the next day. 

Me mama and I inside Asia's (or World's?) largest greenhouse

Gardens by the Bay
"Eye of Singapore", I assume?

Marina Bay Sands

My cousin and I
Found this little thing in the park of my grandaunt's apartment
Next, my cousin's wedding. Guess what this means. ONE MORE ANGPOW NEXT YEAR!

Tea Session(?) with my sister
The wedding dinner was in Kampar, just a short drive away from my hometown. 

No, that is not the restaurant but the architecture is so impressive right? So old school, probably because it was built in 19--. 

My cousin and his beautiful wife
My sister and I after the dinner
Meng Yee's birthday at The Grind Burger Bar. It's located on the same row as The Humble Pie Co. I had been there twice and yet I still don't remember what I had lol. To be honest, I think it's not bad la, I wouldn't say it's very good. I think it's mediocre but I still remember there was this uncle who served us was super down-to-earth. So A+ for service! 

The interior

Meng Yee, birthday girl

And followed by Krystal's birthday in Bofe. It's an Asian Fusion restaurant located in SS2, next to the Selangor Institute of Music. Again, I don't remember what I had. I know, I know, then what's the point of talking about all these cafes right but here's the thing, I remember that the food there was pretty good so I would really recommend you to check Bofe out! The price is not that expensive too, in my opinion. 

The man serving there was very nice too! So again, shoutout to nice and patient men serving us in cafes! 

So I guess you can say that even with my exam around the corner, I still kinda had my social life together. Pretty good job at keeping a balance don't you think.

 I actually wrote this entry more or less a month ago but I was very lazy with the photos, especially  when my phone is forever "storage is almost full". Hence, I postponed it till now, But hey, I did it! 

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