Friday, July 1, 2016

Good Ole Days

Hey! Phew, been quite awhile eh.

The last time I updated was after I finished my Year 1 finals and now, after my Year 2 finals. Time flies, amirite?

Anyway, life has been really good! Not perfectly good per se but still good. Like life kinda good, a little bump here and there and a little laughter here and there.

But it's been good. I've won two smartphones in a row this year so really, I can't complain.

I've also gotten a new camera which I have always wanted since I discovered internet, not even kidding. What can I say? I've always have an eye for pretty things and when I see it, I want to document it. But these days, I've really been debating if I should get another lens for the camera considering I barely used the kit lens that came with the camera. I was also contemplating whether to wait for a secondhand lens or getting a new one. But oh well, I'll figure it out.

Anyway, really the reason I'm writing this is because I went out with a group of old friends yesterday and it just left me feeling very good inside.

We've been friends for almost a decade now and we are not really the kind who talks everyday. But every time I meet up with them, I feel like I've just traveled back in time or the least, as if no time has pass at all. I feel like a kid when I'm around them and all the pressure society imposes on me to grow up just disappears.

Tbh, we were so childish and annoying the whole time when we were together that there was a lot, A LOT of people who "tsk" and side-eyed us. But really, I didn't mind at all.

It's really rare to meet someone who makes you feel this way. Honestly, they are the only bunch of friends that doesn't make me miss the secondary school days because when I'm with them, I feel like I am young again (not that I am old now but secondary school student kind of young).

I don't know if anyone one of us has changed at all (actually I do, I, for one, have changed a lot) but when we're together we sort of go back to who we were and this non-progression does not annoy me at all.

Really, when I'm with them, I feel like nothing have changed at all and if you ask me, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

(from left: Alaythia, Wei Kee, Me, Jin Li - my 15 years buddy, Kah Yan)

We didn't even do much yesterday. I met up with Jin Li and we went Digital Mall together cause I wanted to get a new laptop charger. Mine spoilt and I thought it will only cost about RM50, turned out, it costs about RM139. That was all the money I had on me so I went on the entire day owing Kah Yan money cause she paid for all my spending. (I wanted to withdraw money but there a was a really long line at the ATM)

Then we went to OU and had lunch together at Little Fat Duck and Kah Yan joined us, followed by Alaythia. We went and shopped for present for one of my friends and Wei Kee joined us after.

After that, we went to watch the Legend of Tarzan. If you ask me, it's really not a good movie at all, too unrealistic and long winded. They lost me half an hour into the movie and after that, I kept hoping that it will end soon. I would give it a 4/10 (6/10 if I'm generous).

Then, Kah Yan bought us dessert at Hui Lau Shan. So nice of her.

Alaythia had to leave early.

We then made our way to Tavern 13 for dinner. Really, despite us drinking beers and shit, I still felt like the fifteen years old me. Weird how a certain people can make you feel that way right.

Tavern 13 is not bad really. I don't know what is the average price but one glass of Carlsberg there is RM10, which is reasonable/cheap, I think. The food there is also not too expensive. The Cream Sauce Spaghetti was AMAZING and it was only about RM18. It's really filling cause of the thick cream. Fish and Chips was okay, not too good, the breading was too thick and it costs RM20. The vegetarian pizza though. Despite being vegetarian, it was really good. Lots of cheese and button mushroom (my fav). I think that was RM18. We ordered vegetarian cause Kah Yan was a vegan.

All in all, I had an amazing day and I'm still having this feel good inertia from last night. Thanks friends! :)

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