Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You Complete You

"Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy."
-Robert Tew

I believe it's fair to say that in everyone's life, there will at least be a time that you feel that your presence is no longer of significance or importance to people that you thought is significant or important to you. It could be your spouse, the person you're seeing, good friends of 8-10 years and et cetera. But that's okay. 

If such relationships no longer make you feel that you mean something and it's pointless to even put in effort to try anymore then respect yourself enough and pull yourself out of this relationship. I mean, provided that you really did try. There's only so many times a person can be pushed aside until they feel worthless. And before, you're left with nothing but a shell, get yourself out of this toxic relationship and not feel bad about it. Don't let the duration of the relationship stop you from putting an end to it. Don't be reluctant to do it, not even a bit. 

I mean, a relationship is mutual. It goes both ways. When it's just one sided, it's no longer a healthy one so there is really no point in keeping it. 

Also, a lot of people are reluctant to put an end to it because they're afraid that they'll feel empty inside after they've ended it. But here's the thing that people often forget, you don't need anyone to complete you. You complete yourself. You came into this world alone and it's okay to get the hell of this place alone. Ultimately, it's your life. No one should have any right to make you feel terrible. If they do not know how to appreciate you then tell them right in the face, 'your lose' and walk away. I mean, come on, love yourself enough to realise that you deserve to be treated right and not be put down over and over again.

Getting out of such situations doesn't mean ending it completely. Such ends can be on good terms. From spouse to friends, person you're seeing to friends, good friends to friends. I mean if you're just gonna end it completely, it probably seems kinda sad given that you all have been through so much. So, smile and nod at each other when you bump into each other on the street. It saves you the awkwardness of the one second eye contact and the trouble of running away. Also, it's always better to have a friend than an enemy. 

All in all, just remember that you are as important as anyone. In fact, you are the most important to yourself and you should never put your self-worth and happiness in anyone's hand. Always love yourself enough to get out of relationships that are turning/turned bad. 

^ that's a reminder to always love yourself, my friends. Also, if you're going through such phase and happens to bump into my blog post, don't take my blog post so literally. Give it much thoughts before you act. I'm not liable for any consequences! Also, that's how you do it. A rant with a positive vibe.  ;-)

Anyway, again, an overdue entry. I met up with Clarissa and Jin Li earlier this year which is in January. It has been like, what, 3 years since we met up with Clarissa and I like this. Even though we haven't been meeting up for so long, there's no awkward connection or any sort of things like this among us. We've been friends for more or less 14 years now and I like how we are still keeping in touch with each other. I like how things are now among us. Thank you everyone for making the effort. 

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3 years ago.

So Jin Li, the miss hipster, actually wanted to go Strangers at 47 to try their pumpkin cheesecake or something like that but Clarissa suggested that we go Polpetta for meatballs since her friend is working there so Polpetta we went. It was sorta embarrassing tho when we reached there cause I bumped into a few of my unimates and it was awkward as hell. But they left after awhile and we stayed and chatted for a few hours and it was all good.

Me spaghetti.

They gave you this menu that you can mix and match the toppings, sauce and base. I ordered spaghetti with cheese and meat balls or something like that, I don't really remember. The price is really reasonable. My spaghetti was only about RM13. At first I saw it in hungrygowhere and was doubting the portion but it turned out to be quite big and filling.

If you ask me, I'm gonna say that this place is really not bad and highly recommended. It's along Sprint Highway at Boulevard 10. It's the same turn you take from Sprint Highway when you're going to Lala Cheong.

Great lunch with great people!
From left: Me, Clarissa, Jin Li
You can get all the infos about Polpetta in their facebook page. Click here to be redirected.

Also, I'm aware of the Anwar being convicted issue and sorry for my ignorance for not commenting on it. However, I think I will not be commenting on any political issue until I'm a practicing lawyer because right now, Malaysia has this Sedition Act which suppresses the Freedom of Speech and until I'm a lawyer, I won't be sure how to get around it.  

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