Friday, January 2, 2015

NYE 2015

It's 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I usually spend my New Year's Eve at home watching telly and counting down with my parents but this year (is new year's eve considered last or this year?) I spent my New Year's Eve a little differently. I spent it with a couple of friends. Two. Two couples of friends. So altogether there's five of us. Don't worry they're not dating, I'm not the light bulb. 

So the night before, I was kinda skeptical whether to go or not cause on one hand, I just want to stay home and chill and on the other, I don't really want to stay home. But I decided to step out of my comfort zone and went anyway . 

The outing was an entire day in Kuala Lumpur. Tiring, I know. Our first destination was Acme Bar and Coffee. It's located in Troika, Jalan Binjai and about 10-12 minutes walk from KLCC. When we reached there, we were asked if we made a reservation and we didn't so we were told to wait for about an hour. But after waiting for about 15 minutes, we were offered a table for four. We took it anyway cause it's quite spacious, can fit 4-5 people but not big enough when all the food arrive. Their plates are really big. The ambiance there is ok la, standard for these types of cafe but they still had their Christmas decorations on so it's quite nice la. 

We ordered Smoked Duck Breast Pasta and it was oh-so-good. It's spaghetti carbonara with smoked duck and topped with Parmesan. They didn't mention this in the menu but there's BACON also. The carbonara sauce was really creamy but a bit too salty. We finished everything including the sauce. 

We also ordered Baby Lobster Fettuccine. Ok this is what they wrote in their menu, it's 'baby lobster with spiced saffron cream sauce, asparagus, capsicum, beans and dried thyme'. But really I think it's just curry fettuccine. Lol I know, I know, I'm downgrading their food but cannot blame me ok, I don't get to taste such atas food all the time so I don't know how to appreciate 'spiced saffron cream sauce'. The baby lobster though. I'm allergic to shellfish but I had to try the lobster and really, it's good. It's really good.

Then we ordered Alo Moana Salmon Fillet. To quote the menu again, it's 'marinated salmon on Japanese dressing with cherry tomato vinaigrette and crushed basil new potato. Don't ask me what's 'vinaigrette', I don't know what's that. This one is just normal la, nothing very special about it. One of my friend, Krystal, was like there's scallop in it so I went and poked every white stuff on the plate. Then every time, I poked something soft, I assumed it's scallop but it turned out to be potato. Then at last, I found one super soft and very confidently assured them it's scallop and turned out to be potato again. So conclusion, especially to chao Krystal, THERE IS NO SCALLOP IN IT.

The next dish that we ordered is Aloha Pizzadillas. Again, from the menu, there's 'smoked turkey breast, pineapple tidbits, onion and fresh capsicum on herbs cream sauce and mozzarella cream' on the pizza. This one also nothing special, normal only. The smoked turkey breast was chopped into cubes and I thought it was ham and told everyone it was ham. Sorry to downgrade your food again, Acme. I really cannot tell the difference. There's also more capsicum on it than any other thing. But according to Krystal, the mozzarella is 'oh my god'.

For dessert, we ordered Sizzling Brownie & Oreo Ice Cream. Ok so this is how it's like, it's a brownie on a hot plate, a very hot plate with oreo ice cream on top and topped with a quarter of strawberry. Honestly, I can't really taste the oreo in the ice cream but that's not really important cause what's important is the brownie. So this is how they serve this, a waiter will bring this over to you and he will pour the chocolate on to the brownie right in front of you. The chocolate will hit the hot plate and there will be smoke all over. Basically, that's that. This dessert is not bad but a little too sweet and trust me, you can't finish it alone so share with somebody. There will be some burnt brownie at the bottom but I like the most cause it's kinda crunchy.

All in all, I had a very satisfying meal and I do recommend you to go and try. Click here to be redirected to their website.

Then we walked to Avenue K and the girls shopped while I followed them around. After that, we took a train to Times Square. An LRT and a monorail to be exact. The journey costs RM4. Believe it or not, we got lost in the Masjid Jamek or Hang Tuah station lol. We went into a train only to find out it's the wrong train and we quickly ran out. My friend, Juo Yen almost got squashed cause the door was closing. Thank god she was skinny and managed to slither her way out. To add on to our embarrassment, there was this couple of angmohs following us assuming we were going to the same place as them. But at last, thanks to yours truly, we found our way to the other side of the platform.

Berjaya Times Square is something like Bangkok's Pratunam Mall. They sell really cheap clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, toys and other stuff. Berjaya Times Square is also famous for its theme park. The lower floors in Time Square sell all the branded stuff and the upper floors sell all the cheap stuff. Our sole purpose to go there was to look for cheap snapback caps for Meng Yee and I but we were all too worn out from all the walking and we had to sit down for a drink. In case, you're curious, I did find plenty of stalls selling cheap snapbacks. They're about RM 20-25 but none of them look appealing to me so I didn't get any.

In the evening, we took a train back to KLCC cause Meng Yee parked her car there. Guess what, the parking fee was RM30.20! Crazy right!!! Luckily, there was five of us so not too expensive la after sharing the bill. Then we went to Rendezvous Steak Garden for dinner and countdown. It is an open air restaurant with plants everywhere and it was dark so logically there's plenty of mosquitoes la. It's sort of like Ming Tian in Kelan Jaya except there's no hawker stalls. It was really dark so I didn't take much photos. The serving time there is really fast though. Within five minutes our food were on our table. The food there is above average and the price is half of Acme's but also not as good as Acme's la. If you're looking for cheap and good food, this is definitely a great place to check out. According to Facebook, some of the similar places are Tony Roma's and The Ship so this is somewhat a cheap alternative. Click here to check out their website.

Before the clock struck 12, we were counting down except for Juo Yen and Krystal. This chao Krystal some more dare to say failed countdown. The people in the restaurant also damn unsporting one lo, no one joined us when we were counting down and when we shouted 'Happy New Year' everyone looked at us like we're some aliens. But all in all, great way to start a new year!

May all of you have a wonderful year ahead!

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P.S: Sorry the pictures of the food are quite bad because I got no skill, the lighting is not good (too bright, overexposed) and bad angle.
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