Wednesday, December 31, 2014


What on earth? My blog had been dead since March and people are still visiting this shit lol. I had 3 views today and 3 views yesterday. 

Y'all making me feeling embarrassed with all the saddy sally posts on my blog. 

It's Christmas Eve!! I don't even celebrate Christmas but it's the most joyful time of the year! Guess it's the most joyful time of the year because people are receiving presents. :'D

(Come on blogger, it's 2014 going to 2015 and you still don't have emoticons? Seriously? Please keep up with trends. People actually communicate using emojis now so please do something.)

(Oh I just googled and apparently you can add emoticons to your blog by just tweaking the html but sorry lah, I'm too lazy to edit now. It should be there by default anyway.) 

Looking back my previous posts, they are all actually very gloomy? But fear no more, I don't think I will have as many emotional posts as before starting from... NOW! 2014 had been a great year for me. I personally feel like I have grown a lot as a person. I've become a lot more happier and have a better view on whatever that I'm doing.

From now on, I will blog more about my life. Talking about life, I don't think I'm a car person. Like I don't think cars like me a lot. Just recently my car got clamped. I don't even park in my college anymore and when I decided to park there for a day, the freaking parking management clamped my car wtf man. To be fair there was a clear 'RESERVED' sign right on top of me and a poster about being clamped on the pillar beside me but you tell me, who look up when they are driving especially when you are looking for parking. You'd just be like 'oh thank god I found a parking' and then for what you paste the poster on the left pillar when the entrance is on the right. You think people will purposely walk to the left just to see your petty poster? For your information, I'm not the only who kena before. According to my friend, a lot of people kena before. 

When I went to my car park and realised my car was clamped, the first thought that came to my mind was my sister. My sister is the strong independent kind of woman. Her car got clamped once and she is just really good at arguing and the guard just unclamped her car and let her go without paying. So I thought I could be like her and I went to the car park management office very confidently. The car park management office is somewhere hidden in the car park and if you want people to pay then at least build it at somewhere that is easier to find lah. Anyway, this very nice guard came out and dealt with me but he was like 'no lah, I cannot just unclamped your car. It's in the record already'. Ok lah, understood but at least give a discount lah and he was like 'no lah, i really can't do anything'. Ok, understood, you are just a Bangladeshi trying to make a living so I insisted to talk to the manager but the manager was too chicken to even come out and talk to a student. I saw her through the window shaking her head. 

Then no choice loh, I had to pay the full amount but I really didn't have money on me. I shoved him the card and he was like 'oh we don't take cards'. Hello! You want to charge so expensive but you don't take cards. You think everyone who park there drag an ATM machine wherever they go ah. Luckily, I had a few friends with me and one of my friends borrowed me. After I paid, I just parked there for the entire day. At least make my money worth. 

But all in all, it was a good life lesson lah. Thinking back, it reminded me of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

"Now that I'm an adult, you'll never catch me with less than $200 in my wallet. I want to be prepared in case I need it. Sure, I could lose my wallet or it could be stolen. But for a guy making a reasonable living, $200 is an amount worth risking. By contrast, not having cash on hand when you need it is potentially a much bigger problem."
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

It's funny how even after reading bout all these great life tips, I still don't apply them. But ever since then, I started bringing more money out. Also, I've learnt to be more attentive. Personally, I think every mistake is a great life lesson and we just have to learn from it.

Also, talking about Christmas, I had Secret Santa with two different group of friends this year and both my Secret Santas know me kinda well. I didn't put anything on my wishlist but both of them got me stuff that I wanted.

Secret Santa #1 - Susan (the one in purple)

Susan got me a Nutella & Go (replaced by the soft toy cause I've already eaten it) and two phone cases!

Secret Santa #2 - Meng Yee (the one in white)

Meng Yee got me this sweater!

I said my Secret Santas know me very well cause I was just asking around where to get the Nutella & Go but being the kiamsiap me, I didn't buy it and she got it for me (she wouldn't know I was asking around cause she's in another campus); I was also asking my mum and another friend whether I should get a sweater like the one Meng Yee got me and then Meng Yee bought it for me (she also wouldn't know cause she wouldn't ask my mum and I only told my other friend after she bought).

The CPY also made me a birthday gift. My birthday was a month ago so awwwww, right? I know. Thanks friends!

If you know me, you'd know what that symbolizes. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Everyone!! 

Talking about Happy Holiday, this has gotta be my worst holiday ever. My holiday is filled with nothing but assignments and some occasional outings if I managed to meet my target.

*yes this post is very delayed. It had been in my draft since Christmas Eve.

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