Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese Neeeeiighhh Year

If I can get a medal in flappy bird, I can achieve anything in life.
Flappy bird is this very famous in trend game right now and if you haven't played before, go play now! You'll have the time of your life!!!

Happy Chinese New Year All!!!
Why Chinese Neeeeiighhh Year? Cause it's the year of Horse(zodiac)! 

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fjy said...

Having no one to notice your disappearance in the world wide web doesn't mean you are nothing. By using the internet to justify your worthiness towards others is really shallow I would say. What about your parents who are technology challenged? Those who notice are probably stalker whom you should beware of.

It's funny whatever you are going through, I have gone through. Probably because of the fact that we are sagi. Just my 2 cents, I want to be something to someone and I want to make an impact in someone's lives. But I once read somewhere that you have to be the change you want to see! So, keep working and you will be there! Never give up!