Thursday, January 30, 2014


Yunnan, China - 2013
Now that I'm done with my Year End Review, I'm gonna do my New Year's Resolution. I'm not really sure how I'm gonna do this. I don't want to make it just a normal list though so I guess I'm just gonna keep on typing and let the ideas flow in.

Ok how am I gonna name this year? Last year was The Year to Find Your Real Self and I guess this year will be Still Searching. Lol no I'm serious, I still don't know what I really want to be. Hence, Still Searching.

Ok ok ok what do I want to achieve in 2014....... This is not easy - figuring what you want to achieve in a year within such short time limit. I'm gonna attempt still, if I thought of anything else, I'd add it to my mental list.


#1  Stop Procrastinating [time management]

- I figured I can't live like that anymore if I really want to succeed in life. Gotta cut all the procrastinating crap and focus on what I wanna do and do it.

#2  Get at least 2 A's for A level 

- This too goes back to procrastinating. I'm pretty sure I can do it if I stop procrastinating. Have trust in self!

#3  Spend more time with my family

- If I have choice between my friends and family, I gotta choose family. I realize that everyone is growing up and living their own life and my parents will then be left alone and I know how lonely feels so I want to be the reason why they are not alone.

#4  Read more

- Read more study materials and novels. Novels are the best stress reliever and if there's anything I need to go to to release stress, it'd be novels.

#5  Try out new things

- There is no reason to live if there's nothing new to look towards to. Do extreme stuff, go on adventures. Do not come out with fictional what-ifs and buts for self. Never belittles one's ability.

#6  Gain new experience

- Go work! This is the only experience I'll need right now. Anyone wanna hire me?

#7  Money Management

- Financially support myself. Stop asking my parents for money and buy things with my own money. Also, I realise how bad the economy will be this year, hence, save! Save for rainy days, save for education.

#8  Go on a backpack trip

- I'm not sure if I'll be able to achieve this this year though but I'll try. I'm still looking for a right companion and still saving up. This is in my lifetime bucket list, this is a must do before I die and I WILL do this someday. #wanderlust

#9  Write

- Write. Write anything. Do lots of leisure writing. I have stopped writing essays for a year and you don't know how much I miss doing it. I wanna write a book. I don't know when I'll be able to achieve this but I probably will do it one day.

#10 Listen

- Listen more. Do more listening than talk.

#11 Be Optimistic

- I've been pessimist for so long that I've forgotten how is it like to be an optimistic. Do not magnify on the bad things but focus on the good things but not to the limit where you keep on bragging about it. Feel happy for others instead of envy. Turn every fall into a life lesson. If today is not a good day then look forward to tomorrow.

#12 Be Nice

- "Be kind for everyone is fighting a tough battle." Do not hate, there is enough hate in this world. All the fighting, all the disrespecting make me sick. If being better is all we want then hate is the number one trait we have to drop.

#13 Honesty

- Stop fearing confrontations. Don't like it, tell; like it, tell. Your opinions matter. What you think matters. Happiness can easily be achieve when you know how to handle confrontations.

#14 Stop Judging

- Who are we to judge how people look, act or live their lives. Do not judge unless you are perfect. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't judge even if you are prefect. Reality shows are the catalyst of people judging people, creating extremely high standards for people which is highly unlikely to achieve. Do not comment snark remarks about people like "she's ugly" and whatsoever. Do not objectify humans and other living beings. As much as all this judging is starting to annoy me, I can't help but admit that I, too, am constantly judging people and I have to stop. Rome is not built in a day and same goes, I'll learn to stop little by little. Also, do not make fun of something that people cannot change about themselves.

#15 Live a healthier life

- Yes, I am aware of how unhealthy my life is right now. I will start working towards a healthier body. Live a healthier lifestyle. I have to stop skipping meals and sleeping late, I know. Also, exercise more!!

That's all for now. I wanted to add in "strive for the best" but then I realised if I am able to keep to this list, I am already striving for the best. Anyway, 2014, the year for all of us to be a better person for ourselves, our family, our friends, our country and the world.

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