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2013 - The End

Hi all, +1 to all my fellow loyal readers- which is probably none. Anyway here is my late but promised end of the year review and new year's resolution post.

End of the Year Review:

2013 is the kind of I had a great life but still hate my life year. Ok, this year I'm gonna do it differently, I'm gonna review my 2013 going down the timeline.

January - March:

I actually find myself kind of pathetic for worrying so much about going to PLKN and everything in the end just fall into place. I met so many friends and keeping in touch is kind of a hard things but I don't know why they're the kind of friends that make you don't want to lose and feel guilty for not putting in enough effort. If I had to rate this experience on a scale of 1 to Youth Exchange to Japan, it is Youth Exchange to Japan. So kids, I'm telling you this, getting out of your comfort zone is probably one of the hardest thing then you have to go through all the unnecessary worrying but in the end, everything will just be alright, you will feel more contented than anything. 

Also, during CNY in February thanks my uncle for getting the firework cause I've never seen such beautiful thing at such a close distance. Thank you. 

Not only that, mid March, I got back my SPM results, I got only 5A's. I know it's not very good and I was really upset about it but I was upset not because it's not good enough but because I knew I could do better. However, there's no use crying over spilt milk and on a side note, getting bad results for major exams always motivate me to do better for the next. So this is in a way a good lesson. 

& at the end of March, we had our first class reunion at the Friday's. I planned it. Needless to say, it was pretty lame cause I suck at planning. We just had lunch and left, no any other thing after. Another, learn from experience kind of lesson. But it was great meeting those friends though! 

April - May: 

This two months were sort of like the slacking and figuring out life month but really, I don't think anyone can figure out life within such short period. Anyway, I went to a waterpark with my friends for the first time. The i-City Water World or something like this. The vuvuzela was nice and man, I like what Krystal referred as "the big longkang(drain)" it was really relaxing and we got the tickets for just RM15!!! Also, there weren't much people there that time so we almost had the whole park to ourselves. 

Mid April, I only got to find out my babysitter, the one who had been bringing me up, the one who I sometimes would rather be with than my parents had passed away. She passed away in February and I only got to find out in April. What really tears me is that I hadn't seen for almost a year already, I didn't get to say goodbye to her, I didn't had a photo with her and I wasn't there with her when she was suffering the most. But what I heard that is she passed away peacefully and thank god, thank god for not letting her suffer even more. I still constantly think of her and sometimes the thoughts still bring me to tear but that's okay. You know what, I actually prefer this, she coming into my mind once in awhile, cause I don't want to, never want to forget her. This is healthy. So kids, my advice to you, you never know when any of your beloved will be leaving so treat them, love them like it's their last day. Okay maybe there's another way to word it but this way I'm thinking of now so just deal with it. :)

And then, I went to Yunnan, China in end of April. The scenery there are breathtaking. I even went to this stone forest or something like the one I used to see in tv shows. The weather I went that time was like the icing on top of the cake. Cooling as hell, sorry heaven. You wouldn't guess!! Bet you thought there's only dinosaur fossils in the US or something but yea, told you you wouldn't guess. There's dinosaurs fossils in China and I'VE SEEN DINOSAURS fossils IN REAL LIFE! There's probably the most significant thing of the trip and it wasn't even planned. The best thing happens without planning.

Then, end of May, I only had two days to make my life changing decision but like only 2013-2014 life changing decision. I had to choose between going to BAC or HELP to do A-levels. I chose BAC and no regrets although I don't get the campus feeling. I don't know why but HELP gives me this kind of aura that makes me dislike the place.

June - July:

Nothing much really happened in June though. In June, it was the end of our orientation. Yea, the orientation in my college lasted 3 weeks. Till now I still didn't get what's the point but on a side note, I met a lot of wonderful people during the orientation and that's like a good head start for my college life. Lectures then started. That pretty much sum up my June in 2013. Oh and also, I finally got my driving license in early June. (I'm still a terrible driver even until now)

In July, my sister was graduating so my parents flew to UK to attend her convocation. Thanks to college, I missed out my chance to travel Europe (sarcasm). I really wanted to travel Europe though, this is going on my bucket list. I still remember I had to eat pizza for three days straight when my parents were gone. Still some of the best meals I've ever eaten. I've also had a small gathering with my primary school classmates. It was great seeing them, reminiscing the past. Jin Li and I thought it'd be back but it turned up to be not bad. Also, exactly the end of July, I finally went out with my collegemates for the first time. It's a short trip in KL, that's all.

August - September:

The scouts in my secondary school had Cultural Night in early August and whaddup whaddup, I attended the Cultural Night as an ex-senior for the first time. Just the other year I was part of the organizing committee. Few days after attending that, I went to Cameron Highlands with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Why we go is probably because my cousin wanted to go on the Youth Exchange Programme so he had to host a Japanese. & why did my other cousin and I tagged along? Because both of us had went on the Youth Exchange Programme before so my aunt figured we could help taking care of the youth exchangee. Also, because we had holidays. It was actually a kind of good trip. The views in Cameron Highlands are breathtaking and it was really cold. It was as if we weren't in Malaysia. Since bring the youth exchangee for fishing was part of our schedule, I also got to try out fishing for the first time and guess what, I DID manage to fish a really huge fish (it was huge compared to the other fishes there). Then, the following Saturday, we went to Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands was closing down for renovation that time so that was the last time that I'd be in 4-5 years. Even my other aunt tagged along just to see Genting for the last time. Then, my sister is back from UK!

September. Preparation for exam month. It was just classes in September. The highlight of September is probably the birthday celebration for Nanie. That's my first birthday celebration for my collegemate. It was kind of a big deal cause there was a few obstacles but there's obstacles in everything we do, right? Confession time: I skipped a few lectures in September to do self-study cause the lectures were really not helping so I was actually doing it for my own good. I skipped my first lectures in September. How badass can I get lol.

October - November:

Examination month. This is the longest exam I've ever had in my life. A month and a half for three subjects. But in the midst of it all, I had a gathering with my secondary school classmates at the end of the month. Thank you Pn. Sheena for making it happened. It was really really good to see all my old friends. They're the faces you never get tired of looking at. If I had a choice, I'd still choose them to be my classmates. All in all, that's probably the highlight of the month. I mean, that IS the highlight of the month.

I think my exam was over around mid November and then I had semester break. Guess what, once again, my birthday was during the holidays. Thank you mum for giving birth to me in November. 2013's birthday was the best birthday I ever had. A lot of friends celebrated with me. First half of the CPY celebrated with me by going to Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf. The bacons and sausages were oh so good. Then the next day, Afiqah and Rashdan celebrated with me. We went to watch the Catching Fire and Rashdan bought us Baskin Robbins! Then at night, I celebrated with my relatives at this Japanese restaurant (i don't remember the name). It was a buffet kind of dinner but you have to order the dishes and they will bring over. Best birthday yet.


College reopened; end of semester break. My collegemates surprised me with another birthday celebration. In my defense, they were only able to surprise me because my birthday had passed so long and I didn't really expect it but thanks anyway, friends. Then it's Christmas. We don't usually celebrate Christmas but this year we had a small one. My sister, mum and I went to Retro Kitchen for dinner (we had western food cause it's christmas lol). Then we went to Nadeje to try out their famous crepes. They're overrated, in my opinion, only some flavors are good. The next day, I had a Present Exchange Ceremony with CPY. The gift from my secret santa, Amanda, wasn't the only gift I got. CPY made me another gift for my birthday, adding to my contentment and another reason why this year's birthday is my best birthday yet. 18 years old babyyyy!!

Also, I went to Hat Yai, Thailand again! We went there to do our Chinese New Year shopping but my body wasn't so cooperative. I fell sick during the trip but I still enjoyed the trip!

...and that marks the end of 2013. 2013 is probably the most interesting, events filled year yet. I hope 2014 will be just as good. Thank you all my friends and family for making 2013 a great one. May all of you have a wonderful 2014.

I meant to post this earlier, sorry. Also, I updated the title.

I'm not sure if I left any important events out cause I wrote this based on Moments on iPhone and I can't really remember every single detailed that happened. Sorry. Also, I hope this can make up for my inactive for the entire year.

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