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Every step we take, every person we meet brings us a new lesson.

Hey gais. It's been awhile, I know.

I was actually working on a very very long post but then I changed my mind cause like who wants to read about my stupid boring life, right? I'm not even sure if anyone still come to my blog anymore after abandoning it for so long.

Boom! My very very long undone blog post.
So if you know me, you'll know that I've graduated from high school. It is now past, history, memory, SWEET memories. I've met a lot of wonderful people along the way. So, instead of typing a very very long boring post, I figured out I should write down those wonderful lessons, things that I admire and probably what I think about them, about the people who really mattered in my secondary school life. Let me just magnify at the good parts, alright.

Afiqah, I didn't link you because I don't know if you want anyone to find out. But, you know what I think about you? I feel like you can be the Voice of Women. I know it's funny but I really think so and I don't know why. Maybe because you really have that high self esteem or it could be how great and influential in debating. You are so good in studies and I can say as good as me in Internet stuff. I really think that you will have a very bright future. If you really became a politician one day, I will support you all the way through as long as what you are fighting for is right. I really adore (Adolf Hitler, lol jk) your level of self esteem, your spirit in achieving and your Tumblr followers. 😒I jealous. Afiqah, I hope you understand, it's not the length (of the paragraph) that matters, it's the thing we have between us that matters.

Amanda, especially, she is one of the person that I really look up to. Beauty and brain she got it all. She is sometimes very weak (emotionally) but she taught me one very important lesson in life, nobody will know if you don't tell; nothing will be solved if you don't talk. As scary as her "I want to talk to you" sounds, she's always just trying to let you know what she thinks or wants to get something done. Also, I really admire her whoever-laughs-first-laughs-last spirit. I remember she told me once that she met her primary school friends in a mall and she told me that she remembered last time when she was sent to Samad everyone was laughing at her and she said, "Look who's the assistant head prefect now!". Amanda is also a really brilliant graceful dancer and she can manage her studies and other activities very well although sometimes she let her stress gets the best of her. I don't know if you read Yan Lin's so I'm gonna say it again. CPY for life. When we are CPY, we don't have to say much because we know.

Spot the similarity. Thanks Amanda, so thoughtful of you!

You are a natural socialist, you know. You can talk anyone, any teacher and you can keep the conversation alive. I really hope I can learn half of your social skill then I will never be afraid that I have nothing to say when a stranger comes and talk to me. You are so good in continuing a conversation (I observed that when you are talking to people) and on the other hand, I'm like "I got nothing to talk to you, please go away". One more thing to improve on from now on. You are also a very observant kid and you are very smart. I remember someone saying that you can do very well in an exam even if you start studying very late.

Arief Ezzani just want to have fun and together with Azim, they make a pack, lol jk. Arief, he's a guy who most of the time doesn't let shyness get the best of him, I guess. He knows who he wants to be with and when he really knows, no one can stop him from mixing with them. He also shows me that you might grow physically but you can stay young mentally. This is good because like what George Bernard Shaw said, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing". Arief has the key to forever young.

AZIM, one of the person I miss the most. He is such a fun person to be with. I really like his humour. I still remember how he tricked almost everyone to go see Pn. Sheena and unfortunately, I was one of them. He is really... awesome, yes, awesome is the word to describe him. He can be really mean sometimes but he's actually a very nice person. He will try to help if he can. I really miss sitting behind him because he can really make you laugh anytime.

Edwin, so ambitious. So ambitious, says it all. I've to be as ambitious as him. He only wants to better than people that is better than him, his brother for example. I think, he sets really high goals in life for himself. We've been learning that in school for so long. A person will succeed only if he has an aim in life. We are only living when we are working to achieve something and that's exactly what Edwin is doing. That's the real definition of living in the moment. Edwin, he's just someone who you will feel great to be with. He wants his say but he also listen, quality of a wise person.

My very first model friend. Serious sally, Fiona is a real beauty queen. She's really funny. For example, her twit name is now Fufu. Isn't that funny? I find it really funny. She tells a lot of things and they are all very funny. She also is a skater and I think her group name is Thieves. If I'm not mistaken, I think Thieves has their own website, go search it up. She dance and she is very sociable. Hence, the huge circle of friend she has. If I were a girl, I would really look up to her. Oh, also, she has a very complicated family background (at least that's what I think) but her relationship for her relatives are still very good (observed from instagram, lol). Although I'm not a girl, I still look up to a couple of things from her. Her incredible social skill for instant, I'm a social awkward penguin by the way, and also the way how she loves all her relatives.

Irsyad, you iz a very quiet person but also a very extraordinary one. As far as I remember, you were the first one in our class to say that you wanted to be a chartered accountant. You are so quiet but you have so much going on inside. You don't talk for the sake of talking (like me), you only talk when it is necessary. I think that is one quality that all wise people have. Futhermore, you always believed in yourself. You believed that you could do it, you have so much confident in yourself when you are talking about accounts. I can hear it when you speak. So, every time I start to lose faith in myself than I will think about you, alright?

I don't know why but I just want to laugh every time I say Ikhwan's name or look at his face or think of him. He is a jar filled with humour. His humour mainly contains of really really lame things. Lame things are funny. I'm really amazed by his impromptu-ness in everything. He can crack up jokes anytime, he can fill a line that he has forgotten anytime (remember the drama and the lightning, lol). He can just think of anything anytime. That's a quality of a person who can do a very very good presentation or a good emcee. I don't know what he'll be but if he were to be a businessman, he would really be able to sell his ideas or whatever really good. That's one quality I need to learn from him to fill my lack of humour and self-esteem. I heard you got prom king, grats!

When I call him my Coolest Nerd Friend, I really mean it and in a good way. You are close to bayangan Tuhan, I guess, close to but not. Yes, you are that great. You have the brain, the heart and the nose (lol, jk). I really admire how you know what you want to be already. You know, usually people who knows what they want earlier are more likely to succeed in life so I have to realise what I want faster so I can be successful. Really, thank you for being there when no one else is, Jason. All your facebook messages really did help me a whole bunch. I have to learn from you to always treat people with my heart. Thank you for coming into my life and letting me in your life, Jaz. You're the best nerd I have ever come across so far, I always mean nerd in a good way, remember!

Jia Yong
Jia Yong, she is the most independent girl I've come across yet, besides my eldest sister. When I heard that she walked to go school and back alone when she was in primary school, I was like "my maid was still walking me to tuition then and sometimes I don't go to tuition because no one was there to walk me", haha, I'm such a shame. Well, one point I have to learn from her, BE INDEPENDENT! And, Jia Yong is very very though, don't bother trying to bully her, she'll throw your bag or flip your table *eyebrows up down* She will not let anyone bully her. Another, learn to protect yourself in whatever situation. Jia Yong is a very smart girl, she can dance and I noticed that she is also very humble. She doesn't like to brag a lot. She really has a lot of merits. I would make a list if I had to but I don't cause we are CPYs (Jia Yong will understand). But really, I'm not just casually saying, she really does have a lot of good points to learn from, like seriously lot. I don't know if you read Yan Lin's so I'm gonna say it again. CPY for life. When we are CPY, we don't have to say much because we know.

Juo Yen
I remember Rashdan said this in one of his essays before, "an empty tin makes the loudest noise", I don't know if he quoted that from anyone (I think he did because I've heard that before) and that phrase is perfect for Juo Yen. She is very very quiet, not until she joins in and tease me *sad* and she has so much going on in her. She's smart, hardworking, highly capable of everything and creative. What I really have to learn from her is, from what I said just now, talk less but do more. If you know me, you'll know how talkative I am. She's just really really great. Yes, I have to use great instead of good. I don't know if they are of the same level but I think that great is better than good. Again, I've said that in Yan Lin's but I don't know if you did read, Juo Yen, so I shall say again. CPY for life. When we are CPY, we don't have to say much because we know.

Krystal, remember the post that was all about you last time and the things I wrote to you in the paper we did to each other last year? Yes, I mean everything I said about you and never did change my mind before. The only thing is that I've added more to your good list. You're a really good friend, you know, you know what to say, most of the time. You've given me a lot of advices and I really always take them to heart even though I don't show it. I've improve myself and learnt a whole lot from all the advices you gave. You know, we have this special bond between us so I know there's no need to put all of them in words because if I were to list that down, it would really take forever. Friends forever, the friendship we have is too much to be put down in words. I don't know if you read Yan Lin's so I'm gonna say it again. CPY for life. When we are CPY, we don't have to say much because we know.

Meng Yee
Meng Yee, again, is very quiet. She is not like the rest of us, she has superpower. I'm not joking, she really does, she can't memorise the whole book from the first page to the last page. I know, there's people like that but tell me, how many of these kind of people do you come across. That makes her very special. Truth be told, she is just really hardworking. Funny how everyone I know is hardworking. I guess that is the reason why I have really low self esteem. So, I guess, again, I have to be hardworking. I have already bold it, highlighted it and put a huge star beside it in my list. Not only that, first of all, remember, Meng Yee is a girl and Meng Yee is a hardcore online game player. Not only good in studies but also good in game and that makes her a perfect partner for Jason (lol, jk). Really, have to learn from Meng Yee. I don't know if you read Yan Lin's so I'm gonna say it again. CPY for life. When we are CPY, we don't have to say much because we know.

I don't know if you remember but I do. I remember you tweeting something like "it would be so nice if someone made a twitter acc and only tweet nice things about people", ya, I guess it was something like that. I guess, I'm doing something similar now. I actually had a whole paragraph in mind for you the other night before I slept but I've forgotten everything now. I remember a part of it is about hipster. Okay, anyway, I think you are very cool person, personality kind of cool. You don't have a lot of expressions? (no, I'm not questioning, I'm just ending it with a hesitant tone) In another word, you always seems calm. And, that's good. Like what they said "never wear your emotions on your face, especially in front of your competitors" (did anyone ever said that before? lol not sure). But really, it's a good thing and if there's anything I need to learn is to learn to stay calm, like you. Also, I've never told you this before, I really like your Butterfly Effect essay. It's so brilliant and beautiful. You know, you were in the Editorial Board and you write, you have a tumblr, you have a unique personality, a unique interest (?) [i don't know, maybe] and when you put on your old black framed glasses, you can be a certified hipster. lol Really, I don't know why but I see you more of a hipster than anyone. Don't get me wrong, I really like hipsters, they're so cool. I, swear, I like hipsters. I'm not like some of those hipster-phobics kind of person. At last, thank you for ensuring me that I'm not turning into A. haha

Pavitaro, I'm going to be honest, alright. I really like it when you talk in third person, so cute. "Eh, Pavi can hear, okay", "Eh, Pavi" this and that... I'm really gonna miss that, I'm gonna miss you, Pavi. Pavi, what have you taught me aye? Haih, okay got it. You know what, Pavi, you show me that if you are not good in something, it doesn't mean that you're not good in anything else. If you're not good in numbers then go for words and that's exactly what you did. Well and I'm not good in numbers also, that is why I MIGHT be doing law and I hope I can learn from you just because you are a very great being. Thank you got always being there for me when I'm all alone. Will never forget our morning prefect walk ever. Thanks, Pavi, you have been a great friend.

Rashdan, oh, Rashdan. What can I say about you. Everyone can see your greatness. I admire how you realise your problem immediately and solve it right away. Remember when our Add Maths results were about the same and just over the holidays you improved a whole lot. Till now, I still don't understand how you are able to swallow the whole book. You are a bigger nerd than Jason, you know. When I call you both a nerd, I always, ALWAYS, mean it in a good way. But, back to the topic, I think, you only do what you are good at or maybe you do what you like, therefore you are good at the things you do, either way that makes you successful. I don't know if I'm right or if that your key to success but please PLEASE I'm dying to know why you can be so good, please let me know. Yes, and I don't know if you know, but thank you a lot for accepting me in your life (remember Form 3) and I got a favour, it's okay if you don't want to do it, but please forgive that person
&Please tumblr again, I really like your tumblr.

Ruben, what can I say. After learning the story of his life, he has thought all of us a very valuable lesson. What done is done, there's no use crying over spilt milk. Whatever problems we have in life, we have to brave through and always fight it with our best weapon, optimism. After all, after a rain, there'll be rainbow; after a storm, there'll be calm; after the night, there'll be a morning; after an ending, there'll always be a new beginning. Maybe I've misinterpret your story wrongly but what's important is that I've learn a really important lesson from that : no point blaming anyone because that will never solve anything and sometimes we just have to change our point of view. Oh right, and we had been standing beside each other for class picture for two years straight.

I'm a very very playful guy. You'll know if you know me and I remembered when I was in Form 3, I jokingly called all three of her friends, including her, my wives. I know it's stupid but it's really fun and that wives thing went on for like the next three years. Sabrina is like what I said about Juo Yen. She's very quiet but she has so much going on in her. Sabrina is very smart, creative, has good leadership, persuasive (?) [I don't know but she has that really cute face], very organized and the list goes on and on. Sabrina is a little more crazy than Juo Yen. Can you believe it? She actually taught me how to dance "Nobody But You" together with her friends in Form 3. Sabrina has shown me a lot in the past 4 years. So much, I cannot list down. Thank you for always being teaching me and being with me for so long, isteriku. Walaupun I tak nak bercerai dengan kau tapi... Good luck, sayang. :-*

Sean Michael 
I remember reading on one of the Interact event pages and someone said that Sean writes the best introduction and indeed he does! Like really good. I like how he put Kim Kardashian or some movies or you know, whatever in and try to relate the introduction as much to our lives as possible. Sean has very good leadership and he is very smart, very very smart. He's hardworking, definitely and he knows how to work hard and play hard. There is so much to learn from you, I'm very sure that you're gonna have a blazing (because bright is not enough to describe how great you are) future ahead of you because you are full of ideas and knowledge plus you are not one little bit shy.

Sean Yang
I've told you once (or more than once) and I'm going to tell again, you are a very very VERY nice person. I don't know, you're just very nice, maybe it's the smile you wear on your face all the time or maybe it's because you always make people feels included (me at least). You have such good leadership, you are so friendly, you are so capable in everything. I guess, you really do deserve ESA. You set such a good role model to the other younger ones, even to me. You know what to do at critical times, you are so good with people and, I think, you are really good in everything. I remember once in prefect meeting you asked us not to label people (I forgot what was the word you use) and you are not a hypocrite at all. You really did not stereotyped (yes, that was the word) people, at least that's what I know till now. I really hope you can stay that way, man. Not asking you to not change but there's just really little room left for you to be better because you are already so good. You are of them who have shown me A LOT and important good qualities that I have to instill in myself. Thank you, Guo Sien Yang (that's how your name is pronounced in Chinese, right?).

Swee Sern
What can I say, I can easily use one Chinese proverbs to describe (is that the word?) you, “人见人爱,车见车载”. If I were to translate it, it means people like it when they see it, cars will stop for him when he's hitch-hiking. I don't know whether that's the right proverb to use for him or not but he really fits in perfectly in where ever. Maybe it's because he accepts everyone for who they are and he's just a very nice person. Confession time, I was really sad when you were about to move to Catholic because you were my only friend then and when you were rejected and came back, I was, secretly, very happy because I have my friend back. I know I was very selfish, so sorry. But really, I don't know how you do it (just like when you sleep with your eyes open and how you get good grades even when you sleep through lessons) but I want to learn from you to try to fit in in everywhere and start to accept everyone for who they are. Also, you come from such complicated family background and yet, you can still be so good and so happy, that is a very difficult thing to do and I really respect you for that. So, learn from you to be happy always! Sweet, thanks for being my friend, you don't know how thankful I am but, thank you very muchie, bird bird!

Omg, Theva. I was thinking, "what is good about Theva" and I've got nothing so I google searched your name and guess what I found. You're tutoring?! Okay anyway, then it strikes me. You are ambitious, you dream big. I remember you tweeted that you want to do medicine, right? As far as, I know, most of the people didn't know or even expected you to be a doctor but you had a dream, an ambition. I really don't know where is this going but I guess, from you, I learn that we have to have an aim in life. I don't know what I'm saying about you is true but that is from what I see.

Visvamba, I really look up to him. You would too if you know the story of his life. Again, something happened to him when he was just really little but he did not get too sad about it and changed himself into a goth (lol). He faced it with optimism. Yes, I somehow happen to know a lot of optimistic people and I guess that did somehow help with my pessimism. Also, he's already earning his own money when he's in high school. He does his own app and he know all those computer stuff very well. That's one more reason why I look up to him. Also, when I said he's good in computer stuff, I don't mean just Microsoft Word or Internet stuff. I think he know programming and he does really nice graphics. Bamba, I like you. Lol, really. He also has this really good humour when you're with him, you'll be sure to have a very good laugh. He's just a very nice person, overall. Thanks for being my friend, Bamba.

Wen Xin
Wen Xin is the best monitor anyone can ask for because of responsibility, of course. She is very responsible and a very gifted/talented girl. She draws the most amazing thing ever EVER. She knows how to improve herself and she loves Taylor Swift (lol, she likes Taylor Swift now). She is bad in Additional Mathematics and she works hard to improve it. Again, she's another hard worker. I really don't know why all my friends are hardworking and it has not influenced me to be hardworking a little bit. Therefore, I have bold it, highlighted it, put a gigantic star beside it and CAPS LOCKED it in my list. Not only that, she is a very good listener. She listens to all my rants and when people got fed up with my talkativeness, she never did. What an amazing being she is. Again, I don't know if you read the others but CPY for life and as CPYs, we don't have to say much, we know .

Yan Lin
Haha, she's a Malaysia made Malay-Kong product. Yan Lin, should I say that she's a very smart girl? Yes, maybe I should because she really is. She's very very hardworking and she really really is smart. So, she's hardworking and smart, that makes her Super Smart. No pain, no gain, right? So if I want to be Super Smart like her, I have to start being like her. Not only that, she's very resourceful in every aspect, especially in that specific aspect *eyebrows up down*. I know you know what that aspect is, Yan Lin. She knows even more about that subject than me and I'm a guy. I think she got all the info about that in the Korean forum she always talk about. Yes, yes, it's good to be resourceful in every aspects so one more thing on my list, be resourceful! CPY for life. When we are CPY, we don't have to say much because we know.

Yodhin, you're so clumsy and forgetful that make you so funny. Hmmm, from you, I guess, I learn that if you're bad in something then you have to make it a point to improve it. Like how you realise you're bad in Chemistry then you went and look for Pn. Sheena for extra class. Remember when we were called to see Pn. Zombie (I hope you know who) and you told me that you could do it, it's just that you're lazy? I really believed that you could do it even though my face didn't show. I guess, I'm just like you but I'm ten times lazier so I really have to learn from you. I have to be like you, learn how to tackle laziness.

Yoong Kia
Honesty Moment! At first, I really do think that what people said about you were true. They said that you're really egoistic but after knowing you for awhile, you are not ego at all. In fact, you are quite friendly. Really I'm not mad at all when you tease me, it's actually quite fun. How can you be so good in studies? I pun tak tahu. You seems like you just don't even try all the time but I know you do. I guess I should learn to study hard and play hard like you. Well, you don't play really hard, from what I see, but you know how to have fun.

Yu Shaun
Can I just be honest? *Waiting for an answer* (lol, trying to imitate Dora) I used to think that you are just not good enough. I've once told my mum that you are a really hardworking guy but you just somehow couldn't break through. That was used to. And look at you now, you've come such a long way, so much better than me now in every single aspects. From you, I've learnt that hard work always pay. You are the definition of it, you are the living prove. Please don't lose that spirit because if you hold on to it, you're gonna be a very successful engineer (I remember you telling me that you want to be an engineer). I lose it when I went on Form 4 and look at me now, I'm very similar to a mud or slug. Really, you too, I don't know if you know, you've been a really good friend, I'm really grateful to have you as my friend, thank you very much. You are nice person. If you want to change then change but please keep your really nice personality.

(I have finished all my classmates' except for Nukman's, Ariff's and Fatin's and they're in alphabetical order! I MIGHT continue because I don't know if I have the time. Why not enough time? Because I have to get ready for national service and I'm addicted to MapleStory so I really want to play. Why might? Because I can't promise to finish everyone I know and matter to me because there's just too many and I don't want to make blank promise. Anyway, I doubt anyone will be reading this, except for Afiqah, Rashdan and Krystal.) 

Well, as for me, I guess I can too say that I've come pretty far, not exactly academically because I think i have.. deproved (is there such word?) in my academic. But if I were to compare myself to the younger me, I have improve a lot. I'm not that shy anymore and I'm thinking more maturely now. Well, I don't want to brag but (lol) I have a number of my own creations now (not in human form, of course) and I have contributed at least something to the school. If I were still the younger me, I wouldn't have done anything.

I've created what some people said the Best School Magazine yet but I can't say that because I've never seen the older ones before and a quite remarkable scout troop T-shirts with some help from some of my fellow mates. I've also made the first newsletter for my school which isn't very successful and a booklet for my Scout's Cultural Night together with a badge. Not only that, I've made myself first ever video but it's not really good, I'm still learning. Too bad I'm not going to be a designer in the future. Yes, I also agree that I should not call my a designer just because I've created a couple things.

Here are the things and below is the video.

I have made a video for you guys, I actually wanted to make a cover for you guys but no matter how many times I tried I cannot be pitch perfect maybe it's because I have a very bad voice. I have, literally, recorded more than a 100 times but they're still very bad so I ended up merging some of my singing with the real song. Promise no autotune but there's one part where three of me sing together, lol. I had more than a hundred recordings, I have to make use of them right. [fixed the video]

Guys, I really want you all to know that if the world really do end tomorrow, you all have been magnificent beings. Thank you for accepting me in your lives, thank you for coming into my life and thank you for staying in my life. I'm really grateful to know all of you. Thank you very much. This 5 years are so far the best five years of my life. There were ups and downs and some of them were sweet and some of them were pain but nevertheless, I enjoyed it a lot. They said Samad is a bad school but after being there for 5 years, it's not that bad after all. 

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