Thursday, March 15, 2012

this time last year, everything was so different.

 This is a picture of me with a thinner lips and slightly bigger eyes and taller nose. 

Juicy small talk with Afiqah and Rashdan yesterday made my day.

So, I wasn't quite finish with my last post. That was the ups and here comes the downs. I' actually glad that Pn. Sheena did that to us. Last Friday, the last day of school, she made us all tell our stress to the class and let everyone of us to help each one and another to help to get through our stress. That was so many things that i wanted to say but the situation then just didn't feel right.

It surprised me how the toughest and happiest guy in our class can have such a sad story. Maybe that's where the saying comes from, "There's always a story untold behind every smiles". I swore i had rehearse what to say a million times in my head but when it was my turn, i started to trip on words.

If Pn. Sheena asked that question last year, i could assure you that i would cry every single bit of liquid out of my body. Well, but i didn't cry this time. I feel great, i relate to their problems, understand that everyone has their own hard times, realised that i had overcome my depressions and all.

I don't really agree on what Pn. Sheena said of me but i do feel that i have became my confident this year. If that was a one to one session, i would tell her so much more.

Yes, and about my exams. I didn't did quite well and it's because i didn't try hard enough. I gonna come back stronger, just wait.

i think mass communication is really what i want to do. 

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N Jane Doe said...

OMG!!! U look so adorable in that picture!!! Hw old are u my dear....??