Monday, March 12, 2012

when you're high up above or down below ;

 Coldplay - Fix You 

I'm a floating Buddha. Problem?

The week before exams had been great, super productive. I finally practiced what i preached. I ripped my face off, chased for opportunities and grabbed them.

So what exactly happened was some Youth Exchangees from Osaka came to my school. I actually wasn't involved in it but i wanted to be involved so badly. I was in doubts, i didn't know what exactly i should do to be involved in it. Question marks were circling my head. Then some of my friends came and encouraged me to go and seize the opportunity so i went to my Assistant Headmistress and asked to be involved and who knows she was glad that i wanted to be involved. She laughed so hard till she sort of snorted when i asked her. Well, and i got involved.

Then the next day, when i was giving out duties to my juniors and chance came knocking at my door again. They needed 3 more people to partner up with the exchangees and they asked me. Without second thought, I took it. I did felt bad for ditching prefects though. Anyway, i partnered up with a 17 years old guy named Urabe Shunichi. It was kind of weird when we introduced ourselves. It turned out that we are both called Sheng. Something awkward did happened, I said, "Watashiwa jyu-hachi sai" instead of "jyu-nana sai". But no one did notice that i said my age wrongly. All in all, it was AWWWEEEESSSOOOMMMEE.

Btw, my Assistant Headmistress was hilarious during rehearsal. I couldn't ask for a funnier Assistant Headmistress. She pretended to be some of the exchange students who were going to perform. When the emcee announced that the exchange students would be performing taekwondo during rehearsal, she went up the stage and said, "Hi, I'm [insert Japanese name here] and I'm here to perform Taekwondo and not Karate. I don't know Karate." and then she went down the stage. It's hard to tell here but if you were there, you would laugh till you pee in your pants but of course, i didn't pee in my pants.

I would have regretted it so much if i didn't have went and told the Assistant Headmistress that i wanted to go. All thanks to Wen Xin, Pavithra and Rashdan for encouraging me to go and fight for my own opportunity. Thankiewww!

Then then then it came our Sports Carnival. I kind of regretted that i didn't sign up for any activity. I kept on thinking about it when i was in the shower. I was thinking how regret i'm gonna be for not taking part in anything for my last freaking year in high school. Then it came FRIDAY. They sort of had a briefing for Sports Carnival. Then, my teacher came and asked if i want to join either Scrabble or Volleyball because they needed one more player for each. And i was thinking to myself, "Oh no, I'm not gonna let this opportunity slip out of my hand" and i took it. I joined Scrabble. Guess what, I got fourth place. It's an achievement, right?

Then we had photo session, a really REALLY casual one. Wait, i have to thank Pn. Loh for pursuing me to take part in Scrabble. She is one of the nicest teachers in my school. Thanks, Pn. Loh.

... and then it came Exam. Studied day and night, got distracted more than 5 times in every hour. I still think that i didn't try hard enough. But, anyway, I'm gonna come back stronger. If you get what i mean.

No, I'm not ashamed to say that, 
"They are all girls, except for the one in purple, and they are some of my very great friends."

yes, this is a long and boring and irrelevant and has nothing to do with you post. I'm sorry. 

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