Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's magic.

i hate it how i was get inspiration to write in the wrong time.

No, I've never been to Mecca.

I'm halfway figuring out life so if you would please just leave me alone. This is so sad. I always remind myself that whatever I'm doing in school now will be my last time cause well, you won't stay young forever, you move on. If you don't do it now, you're probably not going to have a chance to do it ever again. Stop thinking what people think of you, rip your face for once and do what you want. If it's good then it's great but if it turn out to be bad, well, at least you have tried and there will be one less thing on your regret list. 

What I've learn so far, speak your heart out, no one will know what you think unless you tell them. After all, there's such thing as FREEDOM OF SPEECH. People might call you names for being so straight forward but so what, if you felt great after saying it or you have just lifted the giant rock that was in your heart. Be a female dog if you have to. 

To be honest, i'm just procrastinating. I'm always too afraid to take chances, well, not always but most of the time. What people thinks about me do matters. I don't know if I've changed (in personality). I feel like i did. I'm not sure if I've changed to the better or to the words. I asked some of my friends, they said I'm becoming like the depressed kid next door; i asked some other friends, they are too good to say that I've changed. I don't know if it's true or they are just afraid that I might get hurt. 

School has been hell. I can catch up with nothing. My time management is terrible. I've set my goals for my result this year and now I'm in doubts if I've set it too high. Everything is so messed up. I'm committed in too many things and it's too late to chicken out. 

I made certain promises everyday so as I can be a better person but i seems to not keeping to any of them. To your surprise, I actually enjoyed small talks with Rashdan. I feel like every single words that come out from his mouth are filled with knowledge and originality. 

I've got something tiny weeny stuff to announced. I MANAGED TO KICK A BALL MORE THAN TWICE WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE A CHICKEN DOING LOWER SIDEKICK. That is a really big achievement for me for that matter. 

Piles of homework. 

Psychologist. Optician. Journalist. Editor. IT Engineer. Advertiser. Event Manager. Public Relations Officer. Businessman.

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