Wednesday, November 23, 2011

there's no need to cheer me up.

Sometimes goodbye is not a choice. Goodbye is always hard but there's always something good in goodbyes. The word Goodbye actually meant god be with ye.

" What we can't do is live our life and always afraid of the next goodbyes, because chances are they are not going to stop. The truth is to recognize a goodbye can be a good thing when there's a chance to start again. "
-Betty Suarez, Ugly Betty

My day started off with a bad news, again. Checked my results, did badly. I felt a push at the back when i saw my result, a push that pushes me back into reality. I did try, i tried harder than i've ever tried. I sacrifice my bedtimes but still ... I'm starting to lose faith, starting to give up. I'm not mad if they were to put me into another class. I tried but just not hard enough, i guess. You deserve what you worked for. It won't be fair if i was given another chance to go back to the class. I once had the chance and i didn't make full use of it, now it's time for other people who had worked hard for it to go to that class.

Urghh, i've forgotten what i wanted to say. There's so many things in my mind now. Every things is entangled to one and another, stucked, blocked. DEVASTATED.

Somehow, i've learnt that accepting reality is part of life. Somehow, i've got used to saying "Goodbye".

Maybe i'll edit this post when i remember.

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Meng Yee said...

yes..sometimes u should say goodbye...but do u knw wat the goodbye meaning in chinese? ' zai jian ' mean see u next time ... although u are leaving that class but u still can meet ur classmate or watever friends that u had said goodbye to them ... from ur older post i can see u had work very hard to stay in that stay wif ur friends...i knw ur friends saw everything that u had done for them and for u .. so hope u can be happy wif ur result coz u had work hard on it .. u knw i knw we knw :)
Jiasheng ,u still our friend ... our chee pek yu :) no matter whr u are :)