Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keep calm and dance.

Lots of things have been going on lately. You really don't know how much i want to blog now.

Everything i think about insomnia, i think of Owl City. Bet you didn't know, the song Fireflies by Owl City was written based on Owl City's insomnia. I've been rolling on my bed longer than usual. Don't know why, i just can't sleep. I've lost count how many times i ask my mind to SHUT UP just so i can sleep. There's so many things running through my mind, they kept me awake the whole night and i hate them a lot.

Spent days and nights fixing the phone. Tutorials and reviews that are on the internet are just a big fat liars. Nothing i did fix my phone. Just days before i'm leaving, that have to happen. I haven't played the Sims 3 for days because of that phone.

I feel all unhealthy. I'm doing real bad things to my hands, my eyes, my shoulder, my neck and my backbones. I feel like there's really a need for exercise but i'm just too lazy. Can't help it, i'm just having too much fun indoor. I need someone to teach me to play football&basketball. I need to toughen myself up during this holiday and avoid anymore embarrassment. Guess it's just gonna be plain talk.

I thought i was going to learn Japanese for an hour every night and at least do some revision so i would be better next year but it seems like i'm PLAIN TALKING again. I'm dead meat, seriously. All i know is very basic Japanese, shitzel!

Two of my friends had been fighting each other. One of them did apologize and the other just can't help being a female dog. I don't understand her at all, she's just being very unreasonable. I tried talking some sense into her but it seems like she has got no brain to take in all the senses. I really shouldn't shitzel talk her but really, she's just being a female dog. She's making a fuss out of nothing. The most childish thing, i've ever seen in my entire life. She blocked everyone who offended her a little. Yes, you can block people in facebook but not in real life. Of course, she did not block. I'm such good friend. I'm only saying this cause i think she is being completely unreasonable.

Yes, i'm going to fly in a week time. I'm really not as excited as i look like but rather fear. Really, i'm scare. Yes, it's not a big matter not like i'm not going to come back, right? Furthermore, i'm just going to be there for like 3 weeks. But first time going on an aeroplane alone, being threethousandsthreehundredandfour miles away from home. I mean, i can you not have a little fear, right? Nothing's ready yet, not my clothes, not my souvenirs, not my speech, not my phone, not my Japanese and definitely not me!

I'm not sure whether i'm going to conclude my whole year and make a list for my new year resolution this year or not. Cause i'm not gonna be here and not sure if i can find time to do it there or not. Maybe i'll do it before i go or maybe i'll do it there or maybe i'll do it when i come back. Who knows. But i'm hell yeah going to do it.

"People have new friends, not because they've change but rather is they've found who their true friends are."
"There's no such thing as hate, only fear. You never hate a person but rather you fear the person."

really inspiring, saw them somewhere don't remember where.

P.S : Meng Yee, thanks for cheering me up in your comment for the last post. I'm really fine, it's okay.

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