Friday, March 18, 2011

we laugh and cry 'bout the silliest thing .

BETTY is such an optimist . 
she inspired me a lot . 

it is really two different things . you might not know it because you are not in my shoe , i guess . the thing which most scientists neglect to invent is mind reader . if mind reader was invented , i would buy you one . i would give it to you whenever i have something to tell which is really difficult to tell it through mouth . i would want you to read my mind . 

i would get so sad sometimes . every time i feel like i need a pair of ears to here my sorrows , i would remember what we always do when we were young . every time either of us starts to tear , we will sit side by side looking at the floor , put a hand on the other's back and tell the tearing one " everything will be alright " . and now , every time i need someone to comfort me , you would be out somewhere having fun . i would have to go through all the thing by myself . didn't you notice that i've been posting quite a lot of posts about you or how bad my days were because that was the thing that i thought of you and really need someone to be with me . 

blog is the only place where i really can let everything out . i always feel better after posting stuff . 

you may say i'm weak but i'm strong enough to always put a smile on my face right after that .

Life is nothing without ups and downs . 
because ups and downs is the ones that make your life bittersweet . 

and i've always believed that tomorrow will be better . 

we just have to let go the past sometimes .
or else we would be in misery . 

oh ya , don't call me " dear " please . seriously . 
not that i don't appreciate it . i just feel weird being called " dear " .

i'm too afraid to face the society . they are like fire . they can be so helpful this minute and the next minute they will set up a date for you with the grim reaper . 

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