Friday, April 1, 2011

The first step is always the hardest but the result is always the sweetest.

Will : " I thought you hates Christmas . "
Sue : " No , I just hates you. "

so many things happened this week . happy.sad.shocked.angry.tired.excited.proud , all sorts of things happened . such a dramatic week isn't it ? 

well , i'm so proud of myself for being so mature . i consoled my friend in such a mature way . i told that friend : " you're not the only one who have to go through this thing . so many people like you have to go through this. you're lucky you don't have to face it alone . and not much people get over it but normally the people who got over it they became more successful than anyone in life because they learnt that life are tough and they became stronger , stronger than anyone else . " My friend then replied , " I WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL . " and today  that friend was bright and shine . well , i'm not going to take all the credit because many other people actually helped that friend too but i think that friend got over so fast was partly because of me .*wink wink*

and had my first experience organizing a LEO project . everything was planned in a rush but it went well too . i've to thank all the committee and members for making this project an OKAY one and a big thanks to May Yee , she helped out a lot . *as if i've received an award or something , psssh* Most people rated my project as moderate but some of them said it's fine too but a moderate is just fine because look , this is my first project , no seniors came along , Lion Ben did not turn up , no guidance and i still made it happened . so , isn't a moderate more than enough already ? and like what i always say , " The first step is always the hardest but the result is always the sweetest. "

i think i should start writing my Journal again . there's still a lot to tell but i'm so tired now and couldn't think of any other anymore . so that's all . 




japan, be strong.

i like blogging. it enchance my writing skills.

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