Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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 Lifehouse - Hanging by a Moment 

sometimes being too judgmental is just too ... pessimistic.

Honestly, i hated prefect camp a lot, a lot at first. I hated how the choosing the roommates part made me felt so unwanted. I wanted to just ... stay at home but i'm not rich enough to waste the RM200. Then, it came the first day. It wasn't that bad, not until the futsal and dodge ball part. I let three goals in and the ball was just like five centimeters away from me. People were watching and someone were laughing. That moment i just wanted to go home so badly. I walked back to my room all alone. On the way, i heard my juniors saying, "Jia Sheng, sucks!". I then shouted back, "I can hear you know!". I literally want to cry so badly, really, i swear to god. Then, it was dinner. I ate alone. Then, Rashdan popped out of nowhere and ate with me. He was like the light that has brighten up my day and the colours that painted my black and white world. Well, Amanda and Pavithra did the same too but Rashdan was there first. Sometimes, i really don't know how to thank Amanda. She is always so supportive, caring and always know just what to say. Thanks, Manda.

Then, we had this activity. We were life savers and we have to save these miserable people who were about to die. We can only choose to save three persons. I was amazed by how great my brain functioned. That activity just took my self-esteem to a whole new level. Then, we sort of debated. I too took part in the "debate". I was so proud when i made someone speechless and the whole crowd went cheering for me. It's like the first time that it had ever happened too me. Well, not exactly the first but, you know, it has been awhile. My self-esteem just reached the maximum level. When it came to the room part, my roommates were better than i expected. They were nice and all.

The next day, I grew to love my team more than ever. We had so much fun together and we were so united. We made a song in less than 5 minutes. This is whole the song goes :

" We are the spartans, my friend.
And we'll fight till forever.
We'll kill all the evils.
We'll strive for the best and
strike down the rest. "

That was the lamest song i've ever heard but what matters was we did it together. Our group produced some very fine work at the very last minute. I did not really want to leave the group actually.

The next day, it was terrible for the management part but still the group part was awesome. The management  part was so terrible until i don't feel like bringing it up and it had so much miscommunication. Our group got the Best Overall Award. We only deserve it for 50% but we all agreed that it was actually just a consolation prize for us. Then, we have to go home. I didn't want to leave the group. The best group anyone can ask for.

Oh ya, if not because of this group, i wouldn't know what amazing thing some of the group members can do. Razman was really amazing. One more thing, Jesseline was really obsessed with bomba and mother&son.

Moral of this experience, never be too judgmental.

P.S : i did not take any photos . :(

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