Wednesday, September 28, 2011

push me off the cliff, please.

No one knows that i'm sad .
No one knows that i'm depress . 
No one knows that i cried on Monday because of stress .
and i felt like a cissy for doing that .
No one ever understand my feelings .
No one knows that i need to talk to someone badly . 
No one knows that i've got no one to talk to .
there are people who i can talk with but the topic is too personal ; 
there are people who i can talk to about personal stuff but she is just going to think that i'm wrong . 
No one understands Syafiq's feeling better than i do . 
because i know exactly how he feels .
No one knows why i want to be a psychiatrist . 
No one knows that there's a thousand , billion things inside of me . 
No one knows when my smiles are true and when they are real . 
No one ever gives me a hug when i need them badly . 
No one knows i never learn not to sigh .
No one knows i feel like dying at times . 
No one knows i lie a lot .
i lie about how i'm fine , how i'm happy with my life and ...
No one knows that sometimes i need time to myself badly . 
No one knows how i hate being alone . 


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Anonymous said...

Feeling sad, getting worried, depressed or yelling at someone or even putting on someone, or even killing yourself, ALL THESE ARE NOT GONNA SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. Do something. Think. Have some confidence in urself. Be brave, take the problemsas challenges. A real guy is never afraid to face anything challenging :) Do not live for the others. Live good for urself. Stay strong. How can u expect the others to care about you or love you you if u dont even love urself? I hope that u will remember, forget the past, focus on the present, plan for the future. Have some guts! Stay strong, positive and optimistic. Be happy. Good luck will only comes to people who always smile :) I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT :)