Monday, May 30, 2011

Brand New Me .

i know . i always make AWESOME collages .

Citrawarna went super duper great but too bad for you i'm just too lazy to post the whole thing . that is why i have shared a youtube video in this post . a video speaks for all . my group is the third or fourth group , i'm the one in red with pompom [ i know there was so many people in red and holding pompoms but you don't have to know which one is me anyway ] . if you had caught me on Facebook . you would have probably know how it was like . postponeddelayeduglycostumes . longhourstraining was fun . seeing the faces of everyone getting their new clothes was nice . eating chicken everyday was extraordinary , i'm lucky enough to get drumstick all the time . seeing a friend broke a record in eating ice-cream was funny , she ate 6 ice-creams in 3 days . i finally understood the chinese sayings " one minutes on stage is the work of 10 years of training " . we all miss CITRAWARNA very much .

i went Sunway Lagoon yesterday . the last time i went there was when i was about standard 3 , i think . not much changes though . i finally got to play all the water rides . my cousins do not believed that it was my first time playing those water rides . i also got sunburn for the first time . i can add both of that things to my this year's First  Time List

it was also my cousin sister's birthday yesterday . so HAPPY BIRTHDAY again , xuen . 

got myself a new layout and changed something in my blog . looked a bit hideous but what the hell . i'm a brand new me , so forget the old annoying pessimist me . 

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