Monday, November 15, 2010

am i out of my mind ;

that long-lost-brother feeling is BACK !
i really hate this feeling .
i used to have that feeling for two years continuously then it stopped last year .
and now it is BACK .

sometimes i think that i'm a malay . weird .

came back from china . quite amazing .

you , you are getting a lot more cranky . the gap between us is bigger . you are driving a lot more recklessly this day . you taught me not to swear and do rude things with my hands . but you , yourself are doing it now . i kind of miss the old you .

catch up a lot with CLARISSA . she got what she wants . SHE WANTS TO BE ON THE COOL LIST . and now she is in my COOL LIST , i am not in my cool list just for your information . she has got tons of ANGMO friend now . so proud of her . i have always wanted ANGMO friends but i have none .  i only have NATSUHO as my other-country friend .

i did some typography . jia yi still doesn't know what a typography is , go search the meaning in google now . i'm just reminding you what a typography is , there is nothing to be angry of . (in case you get angry) i think some of my typos are hideous so i am not going to upload them here . if you really want to see go to my tumblr to see , the two below was last time one . they're really hideous so just ignore the two .

you see , in china , i spent most of my time on the car . i used most of the time to think of my future . i will really be a bright future if i start working hard now , it's still not too late . i have came up with a " five years plan " . some of my plans are really ridiculous (in a good way) but i don't think my dad would let do those thing . i bet he will just say that i'm wasting time . but i think i should really try everything that i want to do while i'm still young . by the way , i got the inspiration to do this five years plan from UGLY BETTY . this TV series is really worth watching . Ugly Betty is not really that Ugly . jia yi , if you read this , keep it as a secret , okay ?

i can't wait till next year come . i have so many things that i need to do . it's gonna be a fresh new year for me .

" Take a leap , don't be afraid to fall flat on your face " - Betty Suarez 

" Life is not about making decision , it is about dealing with the decision you made " - Ignacio Suarez 

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