Monday, October 18, 2010

it's like catching the stars ;

Okayy . Got over GOOGLE . Forgiven .

I want to learn keyboard , not the one that you use to type , it's an instrument ! I am suppose to start learning it , ermmm , like by NOW ! But i know it's gonna take me forever till my mum bring me to register . So yesterday , my mum asked me to learn some of the basics from my cousin , who is a piano expert .

So my tuition teacher's neighbour's son can play very well . He played the piano like every night . So everytime i go to tuition , i can hear the awesome piano . and he played Pyramid by Charice last wednesday , i think . and it was AWESOME .

and i'm going to tuition tonight too so let's wait and HEAR what awesome songs will he be playing tonight . okay , off to shower . CIAO !

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