Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello Young Lady ,

you are asking for a favor and a favor means it is not necessary that the person have to do it . so when a person rejected to do it , there is nothing for you to be angry at the person . but if you do get angry and threatens the person , i think you have slight bipolar disorder . oh , when it comes to threats , don't you get bored of threatening the person the same thing over and over again ? you see , i think that the person that you are threatening is getting really bored of the threat . no point , threatening him anymore . btw , in case you don't know , threatening a person is really rude , terrible , despicable , horrid , inexcusable , horrendous , dastardly and catastrophic . oh , btw , since you like remembering bad things that people had done to you , then i'm very sorry for you . your memories must be very dull . and please be a little friendlier and add a little more smiles to other people because all the person could see is frowns and all he can hear is shouts from you .

i did not mention who it is but if you feels guilty or thinks that i am talking about you ,

not trying to be rude , just wants to point out those terrible things bout you .
and of course , other than those you are PERFECT . 

this one of my typo . i did this , true feelings . credits to google image for the picture .

seriously , this not rude cause anyone can teach you about life . in case you don't know , i once did something similar to someone closely - related to you and he replied back sorry .

love ,

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