Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There's 53 types of nuts in this world. *I think*

A Quick Guide To The Many Types Of Nuts

There are, as suggested in the title, many types of nuts, most of which are harvested from trees and dry roasted for human consumption. These nutrient packed, high protein food products are a favorite for millions of people worldwide, and America is no exception. The types of nuts preferred by the snacking fanatic vary, with the famous peanut at the top of the list. Would it shock you to learn, then, that the peanut is merely a tasty legume and not a nut after all? Maybe not, but these legumes have the same specialized proteins as do the types of nuts which cause allergic reactions in those sensitive to this element, and as such are one of the most dangerous foods that we consume.

The types of nuts that we seem to enjoy the most, especially around the holiday seasons, are those which have cooked within their shells. As most types of nuts are prepared and packaged this way, we can go ahead now with the naming of these said treats. Almonds, pistachios, hazel nuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans, and macadamia nuts seem to be our favorites. We use these types of nuts in just about any food we can think of, from pecan crusted pan fried fish fillets to candied yams with chopped walnuts. These nutritious little seeds can be found in the form of flour or paste, and can be purchased in any size or style that you may wish for. For those who suffer allergies to these types of nuts, you can only imagine how dangerous the world of dining out and label reading can be.

Many enjoy these types of nuts shelled, though they tend to keep much longer when the shell remains intact until the nuts are ready to be eaten. Dieticians suggest that the physically stimulating activity of cracking these types of nuts individually can help us to better gauge both rate at which we snack, but the amount of nuts that we consume. In other words, unshelled nuts can be a very interactive and psychologically soothing snack to choose. If you have decided to forego the shelling process and purchase the easy nuts, be sure to sift quickly through for pieces of shell or debris. The harvesting and packaging processes can sometimes leave behind these particles, making way for a very uncomfortable or bitter biting incident.

These types of nuts are also a great source of key minerals and nutrients needed by our bodies for proper digestion and function. Zinc can be found within them, as well as protein compounds, unsaturated fat (good for the heart), magnesium, vitamin E, and manganese. Fiber also abounds within this satisfying little treat, and you need all of the natural fiber you can get.

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