Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday..? & Bangkok Trip..

Hey~Long time no blog. *LOL* I should have posted this post on the day I came back from Bangkok but lazy and no mood to blog. And here goes, I celebrated my birthday in Bangkok and I didn't really have a happy one. I went to all the places I don't like and what to do? I can only accept what it is and try to think of the bright side: no matter where am I, I can still have a happy birthday and it is only how I think about it and I can only celebrate it once a year so why not have a happy one?. That's all, don't really want to think about it.

Bangkok----> I'm only telling you a little thing about my trip [=P]. If you have read the newspaper, you will know what is happening in Bangkok's airport now. We are very lucky that we managed to come back from Bangkok. When we are on the way to the airport, there were so many protester. All their cars stop in the middle of the road and blocked the whole road. Luckily, our taxi driver managed to go through and we managed to reach the airport on time. When the taxi driver passing by the police, we saw that they are all getting ready with their shield and wanted to push all the protester back. We also saw a bomba getting ready to use to water to push them back as the water current is very strong. And that's all, got nothing else to say.

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