Saturday, January 21, 2012

Every year is a good year.

I'm starting to have a feeling that all the anonymous's comments posted are by my sister.

Konnichiwa. I'm back from Nihon. Yea, it's been a looooooooooong time since i blogged and my very faithful reader, Krytal is asking for more.

Things had been going really well. I'm back in Adil and all the getting-sad-about-streaming is of nothing. Sometimes i really wonder if it's really God that's helping me all the time or it's just a coincidence. For example, I prayed the year before to be in Adil and i got to be in that class; I prayed last year to be in Adil and i'm in again. But anyway, this year my last year in high school, my senior year and it's up to me to make everything right. My laziness is kicking in again and that it's one of the things to get rid in order to make everything right.

So this is my New Year's Resolution post which is supposed to be done last year. I'm supposed to wrap everything up and conclude my year2011. 2011 had been nothing but ups and downs, happy and sad moments. I had tons of first time. I lost faith and i gained back. I stopped believing then i continued to trust. Regrets, i have tons of them. I regretted most of the things i didn't do rather than the ones that i did.

This was me.

So lets all stop being emotional and pessimistic. Raise your head up, smile and don't look back.

First time, well most of the first times are happy, there are also those that are sad. What it matters is the experience that you get, the memories that will stay in your mind.

First times :

  1. Doing intense dance practices.
  2. Performing in front of billions.
  3. Crying because of the things I've kept inside. 
  4. Getting the last place in class for more than once in a year.
  5. Being 3076miles away from home alone.
  6. Being depressed/rebellious.
  7. Competing in an inter-class drama competition.
  8. Screwing up my Malay Oral big time.
  9. Taking public a bus home.
  10. Celebrating New Years Eve alone.
  11. Going on amusement park rides alone.
  12. Getting a post in the Prefectorial Board.
  13. Getting a high post in LEO Board.
  14. Embrace my graphic designing talent. 
  15. Seeing snow.

Yes, there are still plenty of first times but i can't really remember. And here's some of the regrets that i have to list out. 

Regrets : 
  1. Not joining Samad Got Talent.
  2. Not taking my studies seriously. 

There's probably still other regrets but that's all i can remember for now. Here are the things that i want to do/be this year : 

Promises :
  1. Stepping out of my comfort zone. 
  2. Be a better listener.
  3. Design a perfect school magazine. 
  4. Get plenty of A's for my SPM.
  5. Learn to play football.
  6. Think before i say. 
  7. Be bolder.
  8. Be more sociable.
There's still plenty of things that i want to do/be and i really can't think of anything now. My brain is not functioning properly. But i think that this is just a tradition i made for my blog and for others to see. It doesn't matter what I'm doing but as long as i'm answerable to myself then it's fine. 

Have a great 2012year. &HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.


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