Saturday, September 3, 2011

andai hari esok , langit akan runtuh;

Adira Af8 - Ku Ada Kamu

i sure do have some real boobsfriends.
nope, not dramatic, no hypocrite, definitely ain't having multiple personality disorder.
i hate not having anything to think about. cause when i don't have anything to think about, depression takes the chance to sneak into my brain and locks everything into a cage. depression shuts my thoughts away from me. it takes over my brain. it makes me think, think and think, about bad things, about sad things. it turns me into an instant pessimist. depression trains me to fake smiles and hold back my tears. it makes me want to cry but i know i can't cause everyone would be watching.

but the optimist inside of me also tried real hard to break free from the cage. it tried and tried and finally it succeeded. it fought with depression and in the end it won the battle. unfortunately, the optimist inside of me has a really soft heart. it did not lock depression up. and now, depression can come back anytime. i'm so scare, i don't want to be depressed, i don't want to be sad, i don't want to be a weirdo. please, depression, please, leave me alone, please!

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