Saturday, June 11, 2011

you lost the love i loved the most ;

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

i think i should really start forgiving people . or else my HATE LIST will be full in no time .

i want to blog/say something but i don't know how to write it out in words . no , i want to blog/say something but i don't know what i want to blog/say . complicated .

going back to school in like about one and a half more day . it's hard to admit that part of me actually miss school . i went and visited my babysitter the other day . she looked better than before . was glad to see that she's so good now . " Perfect " by P!nk actually made you feel a lot better , after singing it , i had forgotten what i was getting sad about .

i like travelling with my family . it's like being a little boy again . cause when i was young i go everywhere with my whole family .

People always want to bring you down . but you know what ? just say " #!$% YOU " to them .

i want to write more . i want to express myself more . but it's really difficult to put them all in words .

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