Sunday, April 24, 2011

Demons are what that make the hell a terrible place to be.

Everytime when I'm starting to think that the hell is becoming a heaven, they will come and spoil my fantasy. As if they just wanted me to accept the fact that hell will always remains as hell.

Noone is ever in my shoes. They know my name but not my feelings. Sometimes i even think that no one have the rights to judge me. They, i meant that particular person, are always out somewhere having fun and they never know what is happening or how i felt like. I am always there for them when they are feeling down or what so ever but no one is there for me when I'm feeling down.

Yesterday, while i was dutying, i suddenly felt so sad. I felt like i have no one to share my feelings with. That particular person will always think that i am wrong and my friends will never understand. I am always left in a place that i am unable to shine.

Then i suddenly thought, I'm still so young, so many years left to live, what a sad thing to know.

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