Monday, April 18, 2011

baby , we're gonna rock this house down .

 we ,we , we so excited . we so excited . 

forget about flash-mob . we've decided to stop wasting our time in it cause we've got no news from our president whether we're gonna go or not . so we took it as a NO ! focus on citrawarna focus on citrawarna focus on citrawarna . imma getting allowance , certificate from the tourism minister and the experience of my lifetime . what else can i ask for ? the only sad thing is , we now have practice every single day and during exams , our training will be until 12 p.m . i can't believe i'm saying this , but EFF exam for just this one time .

i want to be the kid who can manage well in both co-curricular activities and academics . and my classmates know my too well , way too well . they knew that every time i said i want to start studying but i never did it . and this time i wanna prove them wrong .

tomorrow is my first practice . sooooooooo excited . WE , WE , WE SO EXCITED . - extracted from the song Friday by Rebecca Black's lyrics . 

The theme for citrawarna is SPORT , btw . we're gonna do cartwheel .

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