Friday, February 11, 2011

i'm just wanna live while i'm alive ;

Kar Yean : “你很想拍拖啊?为什么整天在Facebook写什么我已不是小孩那些东西?”
Jia Sheng : “咳哟,哪些是歌词啦。”

I'm not that desperate la . I won't desperate until go write on facebook one . 

Orang , i dah dapat a new layout . i don't know why la . i think like all the layouts doesn't suit me . anyway , i think i will stick to this for quite awhile . but i'm still uncertain with the blog title so i will keep changing until i feel that it is suitable . i did a major clean up for my blog today . i cleared some widgets and unused links . i deleted the "fights climate change" widgets and deleted about 10 links .the links that i had deleted are blogs which had been removed . and i also updated some of the links .


(please let me write this out . don't talk bad about me or scold . just this once , please . it is too torturing to keep it to myself .)

i really don't know how they do it . they can have fun whole day and yet manage to finish their homeworks . homeworks are though . finding friends are tough . competitions are tough . practically , everything is though there .

life had been so bad being in that class . not a single day that i had actually laugh through the whole day . people are so mean there . no offence guys . " Don't sing , it's gonna rain . " " Don't talk , your saliva is showering us . " " Eff off la . " " Please go away , you shouldn't be here . " " This is not for you to listen . " , you get those all the time being in that class . Okay la , i know la , sometimes i sing too much and you all will get annoyed la . and yah la , i sometimes kinda spit when i talk la . those are excusable . but guys , seriously , if i don't join you all when i'm bored then where should i go ? you guys are my only friends there , for your information . i acted like i didn't mind when you guys asked me to stop singing , stop talking , go away but i seriously do mind .

sometimes i don't even dare to laugh hard . i'm so afraid that people will think that i'm just being dramatic or trying to be funny . i tried to make myself as flawless as could be so people won't talk bad about , think bad about me . this is just so not me . i tried living by the saying " live your life and ignore what they say " , i did try and i failed . i just can't do it , i don't know why .

although we had PMR last year , life was a lot more fun . i know i'm being too judgmental , i'm judging this year life before this year has actually ended . so to make it clear , my this two month life SUCKS .

Terima Kasih banyak for allowing me to do this . if Ariff is still here , i wouldn't do this . i would just tell him everything .

so this will be my first and last time to write things about this . 


tumblr rocks!
girlfriend's music video by avril lavinge is funny.
my english is getting worse.

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