Saturday, February 19, 2011

forget about the price tag ;

Jessie J - Price Tag

i've always thought that the achievement i've made is actually something really great . i was a 2 A's student , a student who had studied in the last class before , then he made it to the second class and all the hard works earned him 6 A's and now he is in the first class . what a big achievement , isn't it ? but , seriously , it's NOT  . this is just a very very small achievement when i step out to the real world . the real world is something that is incompatible with what i'm living in now . sometimes , i wonder will i even make it out there , will i even get a job . and sometimes i think to myself , what if my resume is really short , not even a page . i'm trying very hard to be active in all my co-curriculum activities , take part in different competitions . but i don't know why , i always pull back last minute . my fears always win the battle . and i get demotivated so easily . and look at me , i will be leaving high school in a year or two and i am still uncertain about what career i should choose . interior designer ? nope , i'm not very creative . chef ? nope , i don't want to work on weekends too . lawyer ? i don't think i can memories all the laws and have the guts to speak in court . baker ? maybe but not something that i really want to be in life .

oh well , high school is only ending in a year or two . i still have a year or two to think about it . 
now , just live my secondary school life to the MAXIMUM

apart of me is so happy for you , 
apart of me is so jealous 'bout you .

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