Thursday, December 30, 2010

i had the time of my life fighting dragons with you ;

2010 has been great but i'm looking forwards to 2011 .
i'm getting ready to fight all the battles in 2011 .

so this is what i had been doing the whole years . i really had the time of my life in the end of the year .

okayy , ermm , errr , i really spent my whole january to july doing all the leo stuff . (Y) and then i had my prefects installation in the middle of the years , i think . it was awesome , everyone was clapping and cheering for us . i can still remember what the headmistress said when she gave me the certificate . she said , " wah , prefects tahun ini sangat popular ar . Arrrr , macam ini bagus la " . i got installed as an official leo member and as an official " community service director " . i still feels bad for not doing my parts .

i could still remember . the day after leo installation was trial . urrrrghhh , i seriously didn't study for my trial . i got like no a's for my trial . so i got freaking worried and studied day and night after trial . i kind of like , started studying for PMR three weeks before PMR . how amazing that i can finish so many revision books in just three weeks . it is like my best record in my fifteen years life . all i did was do revision books .

and things didn't go as it should be on the first day of my PMR . i did well in all the subjects except for BM . I DID NOT FINISH MY SECTION C ( 40 marks ) . and then when i reached home , no mood to study ; when everyone gone out , turn on sad songs and tried to cry . my sis told me that i'm too stress so she made me go jogging with her . i felt better after that and told myself that , " this is just a small mistake and i have to stand back up to conquer the other exams " . and i did well for all the other subjects .

school is a lot more fun after PMR . we can do anything we want and teachers really don't care . and i went like freaking a lot of places in the school holidays . like : Guilin ( China ) , Singapore and some others ? i seriously don't remember already . heehee . i told my mum i shouldn't go so many places but cause i'm worried that i will get bad results for my PMR and after that i will feel guilty .

and one week before taking PMR results , i'm smart enough to make a deal with my mum first . i told her if i get 5 A's she will have to buy a new phone for me . and YES ! i got more than five , i got six . ( i got an A for my BM too ) it is the happiest day . it is like the best thing that can happen to me . i have never got so many A's . so i thank god for letting me get so many A's .

because i'm going to do braces , so i have to take out some teeth . i had a surgery to take out the teeth in my gum . i bleed for the whole day . so scary . and now the place is still kinda like bengkak . and i am so mad at my friends . they had never told me how nice is my teeth until i decided to do braces . and one day before the surgery , i freaked out . i thought they are going to pull out that teeth and everyone will be able to see me toothless because it is right in front of my mouth . but thank god again . i actually kind of prayed to god before the surgery . i told god that i hope the dentist will use the other way to take out my teeth so i wont lose any teeth that is visible .

and i went to ONE YOUUUU today . ;)

so i have many FIRST TIME this year :
first time become an official leo member
first time i plan an activity for leo
first time i wear prefect uniform
first time i sang and not afraid of what people think about me
first time getting so many A's
first time being so active in tumblr
first time people admire my pictureswithwords
first time sleeping alone in my own room
first time letting chi khay to come to my house
first time going out with friends

and yes , i do have regrets too :
regret not studying earlier (if i do i can get an A for sejarah)
regret deciding to make braces
and some more la .

ant here something that i really want to do next year :
join samadian idol (this year or next year)
study harder than before
get at least 3 - 4 A's in examination
learn self-control ( i don't think i need anger management )
TRY to get into A class
TRY to get a position in Prefect B.O.D
be more active in every single thing
be more outgoing
be more responsible
be braver
be tougher

In conclusion , i have won this year battles .

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