Sunday, September 5, 2010

if we ever meet again ;

YEEESSS !! Finally got the photos from Jia Yi . (Y)

Jia Yi picked her up .

She reached on the twenty-first of september , around 8.15 p.m . She's an awesome Japanese girl . She's a girl that dream big , she wants to be a doctor . She is a really tall girl , as tall as my brother , shy , amusing and a very good cook . She is the very first youth exchange that my family had host . She is NATSUHO !

Jia Yi brought her for dinner when she just reached . Jia yi then called us and told us that she is on the way back . My mum then called all of us down to welcome her . It's hard to admit that i'm actually excited , really excited . I was so excited that I ran up more than 3 times to rush my brother down .

The next day , my brother brought her out for breakfast . He ordered a plate of nasi lemak for her . I don't know , my brother said that she can eat spicy foods . He said that normally Japanese can't eat too spicy food but she's an exception , she can eat really spicy food .

The God .

272 flights of steps .

Monkey .

Monkey poo .

View from the top of BATU CAVES .

Group Photo . (Y)

We brought her to BATU CAVES , that explained why i missed History tuition and Maths tuition . We climbed two hundred and seventy two flights of stairs . She's such a caring person . My mum said that her knees ache so she asked us to bring her up first , she will catch up later but half way up , she turned around and saw my mum was so far behind so she stopped and wait for my mum .

Then Jia Yi brought her out and yiddi yadda ..

Then she went to her second host family . She got lots and tons of souvenirs from her second host family , i don't know that's what my sister told me .

Then she's back ! I was supposed to bring her to my school but her second host family had actually brought her to visit a secondary school in their place . It explained why i did not bring her to my school .

She did it !

My sister also brought her to the ROYAL SELANGOR . She made a bowl . She made herself , kay ? I'm so proud of her . (:

Family Photo .

Me & Her .

Then , on the seventeenth of august , i rushed back from TTC just to take picture with her . HEHE . Actually not just to take picture with her but also because i had already took the test and also i want to study for other subjects .

She went back on the eighteenth of august . ):

I pitied her , go back haven't even settle down then she have to sit for her exam . She has like , over ten subjects . So many , i don't know how she can excel in her exam . She is so smart . She also has to write a report bout her youth exchange to Malaysia .


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