Friday, August 6, 2010

cause i like the way it hurts ;


These two weeks had been a really busy weeks for me . I was actually happy because the thing that will be happening but in tuesday's night i went EMO . I didn't know why i was EMO but soon i found out , i was actually stressed .
that is why i told my sister i didn't want to go to school . I will be promoted to a senior prefect ; then i will be undergoing installation for LEO , i'm a COMMUNITY SERVICE DIRECTOR *wink* .

I had actually improved a lot in this term exam . Trial exam is right after LEO Installation . In order to excel in my studies as well , i will start studying for trial tomorrow .

I had been or will be a :
  • treasurer
  • group leader
  • pizza delivery man
  • a senior prefect
  • an installed LEO

I actually spent RM 326 in just a week for the uniforms .
next monday will be my last day of being a junior prefect ,
my last day wearing normal uniform and vest .

10 / 8 / 2010 - Prefects Installation
15 / 8 /2010 - LEO Installation
16 / 8 / 2010 - Trial Exam

... and NATSUHO is coming back today . (Y)

i bet you don't understand my post .
but seriously ,
it is very busy and stressful weeks for me .

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