Friday, March 12, 2010

rude , unfriendly equals stupid

you know what ? i hate your stupid mentality , go to see a psychologist to see whether you got split personality or not ! you can be so good with a person and after that you can be so bad with another . just a simple question 'whose paper is that ?' and you say i am annoying. don't use the stupid tone to me and show me your stupid expression when you see me . i've been tolerating you for so long and even Ariff Faakir asked me to go scold you , i said no ! because i know it's not good to be rude to someone , especially when the person did not do any bad things to you . i've tried to be friendly and what do i get in the end ? a rude people speaking to me rudely !

I seriously think you are having SPLIT PERSONALITY !
no point in being smart when you can't even be good .
i wish to tell the whole how you really are , but i have good manners so don't worry .

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