Monday, December 21, 2009

so it's actually ,

Haadyai not Hat Yai .
I found out that at the railway station .

I went to HAADYAI again . Haha . But this time with my cousins and aunts and family . We went there by bus and this time is not free and easy , this time we went there with a travel agent . I got shocked when he told us that a bus that went last night only managed to get through the custom the next day . But luckily we did not take one day to cross the custom . Haha .

We went to the Floating Market which is new there the first day . It was special . Whatever food you buy , you can take home the plates or the cups back . My dad brought back two bowls and I brought back a glass which doesn't look like a glass but look like a vase instead . LOL .

Second day , we went to a temple . The temple has a tree trunk . It was said that , long long ago , there was a flood in one of the village nearby , the tree collapsed and was stuck somewhere after that , many people tried to remove the tree trunk but no one succeed but after a monk came and meditate , they only managed to take it out so they believed god is in there or something like that .

Then , we went to Songkhla beach to see the mermaid statue and the Cat Island and the Rat Island . Funny name for islands , right ?

And then we went to Songkhla Aquarium its kinda amazing . We have Santa Claus diver there . LOL .

Then to the Pasar , I bought a bag there , kinda nice .

Then went to a temple on the hill at night . They said you see the tower white with your naked eyes but it turned green when you take a photo of it . But even it still look white in the photo . When I was down the hill , the tower looked greenish .

The next day we went nowhere and off home . But we stopped by Alor Setar . We went to the Art Museum to see the drawing . It look so .. real ! And that's all .

I know I suck at writing 'bout my trips . (:

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