Friday, September 25, 2009

Hat Yai

According to my last post, I woke up 5 in the morning to go to the airport to go to Hat Yai.

I'll start now . . .

My mum have to make me upset every time I go on a trip, at least once. WE reached KL Sentral at about 8.50 pm. then we took a LRT to Asia Jaya. When we reached there it was about 9.00 p.m - 9.15 p.m. My mother wanted to take bus when it's already so late, she insisted. I asked to take the taxi but she didn't want to and I got scolded after that. The bus only arrived at about 9.45 p.m. I got onto the bus and when we reached the bus stop, we had to walked in so I walked in alone because I was so angry.

The first day, I reached Alor Setar and then took a taxi to Hat Yai. The whole trip cost us RM 115. Then we checked into a hotel named Mayflower. It's a good hotel. We went out for lunch after checking in. My father got tired after lunch so he wanted to go to massage. My mum went along. When they were massaging, I used the internet in the hotel for two hours. If I followed them I would be very boring. I asked my sister to borrow me her PSP before I go because I know thngs like that would happened but she didn't borrow. After they finished massaging, we went back to our room. We rested in our room for awhile then we had dinner. I bought the cheesy fries from MC Donald for supper. After that, we called it a day cause we were extra tired that they.

Second day, we woke up then we went to the market. My father wanted to go to the market. His most important to visit in every country is the market. I don't understand why he like the market that much. We had noodles and porridge for breakfast. Then we go to a "Bazaar" , something like that. Many things were sold there. My mother bought lots of things there. Mainly ladies' stuff. Bags , shoes , bras and panties are widely sold there. Then we went to the top floor to eat. We had noodles. Go back hotel and then went massage again so I used the internet for one and a half hour. After that I read 'Ge Mei Lia' while waiting for them to come back. We went back to our rooms and went for dinner straight away. I had mango rice for supper that day.

Last day, my parents went to the market again. They went while I was sleeping. So, I did not go. They came back and we had breakfast. We had dim sum for breakfast. Then my mother wanted to go back to the "Bazaar" to buy something. I followed her. We came back then we go to the supermarket nearby to buy something and we checked out after that. We hired a taxi to send us to Alor Setar Airport. We stopped by a Chicken Rice Shop to eat lunch. We stopped by the border and bought a box of maggie mee cause they were very delicious.

And thats the end of my trip to Hat Yai . . .

Photo Time :

I Own The Airport !

Clouds ..

P.S : Alor Setar is nice place to take photos of scenery. =)

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