Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long ?

This post gonna contains lot of things. Some meaningful things might be in this post too.

First of all, I guess this month have the most posts I have ever written since last year.

Second, I have a friend named Mad-Eww. Of course that is not his real name. He like shouting crazily in class, that is what the "MAD" for. He also like showing his disgusting muscle and that is what the "EWW" for. To tell you the truth, I had very much. Okay, not hate him but I don't like him as I like the others. Trying not to hate anyone. PEACE.

Thirdly, I thought of happy things, kinda happy, yes-yesterday. I dreamt of happy things yesterday. I had a nightmare today. You just can't have happy moments all the time. I feel kinda weird cause I don't know why I always dream as if I have a long lost relative or sibling. I at least dream about those dreams once a year.

Fourth, I brought camera to school yes-yesterday and yesterday. I took photos for the Sejarah project and also took some random photos of course.

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