Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am who I am .

I am happy being me. STOP gossiping about me. Espeacially Choon Huang and Mad-Eww. By the way, Choon Hunag, you are the one that should be helping me. 8 years of friendship and you are treating me like that ? I got no I dea why am I writing this post. I am not angry at all. Bet you guys haven't heard of this song before.

I am Who I am by Lara Fabian :

Ooh, and I edited a photo of myself today. HaHa. Same like yesterday : " Might Not Be Nice But I Like It ".

I wanna be a famous blogger.

Haha. It's fine with me even I am not. I don't really have much reader. But it's okay to me cause I like blogging. Well, maybe I dun have much reader cause I don't advertise my blog in the net that often. That's all, ciaoz.

Wish School Holidays will end earlier.

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