Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wet !

Well, since I so long didn't attend troop meeting already so I went today. And, I had a bad day or you can call it fun. (Depends how you feel). I think it's kind of fun. First, when I reached there I saw the others scouts' uniform isn't the same like mine. So I check the uniform and found that I had forgotten to sew my badge. I 'kena' 15 downs for that. Then we had patrol corner. Since my patrol leader and assistant patrol leader didn't come so my patrol join the other patrol. After that, we had foot drill. I noticed that I had improved compared to last year. After foot drill, we had telematch. Yeah! Firstly, we played captain ball. I blocked quite some balls from the oppenents throwing to the catcher. Then, since my group win so we had to compete we the seniors. Of course they win! Then we had the pull string one. We lost. Then the caterpillar or something like that. Lepas itu, we berkumpul in the tapak perhimpunan. Lepas troop bersurai, seniors pour water at us. I kena a bit only. But sadly, after that they caught me and pour the whole bucket of water at me. I was all wet! issh..

Agenda :
8.00 am Start of Troop meeting
8.15 am Patrol Corner
8.30 am Foot Drill
11.30 am Telematch
12.00 pm Bonding? ( we did not do that because lack of time)
12.30 pm Troop Bersurai

P.S : I did not take any photo so I use the photo instead. And I noticed that half way I used a bit of B.M but lazy to change la..

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