Saturday, May 9, 2009

Learning Life..!

WELL, I"m happy that I'm growing up but I hate it as well. I'm missing my primary school , my ex-schoolmates and last but not least, of course the old good days. Life in school is really though( did I spell correctly?). I'm already worrying about my PMR now. I don't need to worry 'bout a thing when I was small. I can't catch up with my study! I need tuition! I'm having tuition for unnecessary subject. Well, it's not really unnecessary but I need tuition for MATHS and SCIENCE! I did very bad last term. I promised myself to get better the next term. I'm gonna burst into tears if I don't get better! Exam's on 18th May! I'm so scared! Well, wish me luck! =) Anyway I don't want to grow up! I want to go back to primary school! I miss the good old days so much! Iwanted to grow up so ,much when I was small. Now, I don't want to grow up!!!!

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