Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sukan tara - April Fool's Day

Woot! Today super great day. KHB, three periods got no teacher. Wee, how do we spell free? F-R-E-E But sadly have to do work during BM period. Who cares? Study for one period only. After that got Sukan tara. I was so hyper today. I was singing love story and then suddenly Rachel (Quek) said that she's Romeo and I'm Juliet. Sweat! =.=    I felt kinda ashamed of myself, I only passed one acara which is running 100 metre. I got the 4th, yeah me. But still that's three acara and I only passed one. Girls can also beat guys, haiz! Krystal passed all. Well, congratulation Krystal! Today is April Fool's Day! I fooled, I think almost 5 persons, yes! But, sadly a Form 1 guy (forgotten what's his name) fooled me more than once. XP 

Ooh! And Happy Birthday, Afiqah! They sang Birthday song in the field for Afiqah, everyone's looking. 

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