Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If I were a girl...

If I Were A Girl !!
well.. I'm a boy. =)

1. Maybe I'll date Danial, Daniel or Ikhwan or maybe somelse?  (they are kinda hot Xp )
P.S : Well.. I wouldn't date him now.. Cause I'm a boy and I'm not gay !
And only if I wouldn't be a malay if I date a malay guys XD
2.  I'll make sure I'm preety.
3.  Make sure I'm well-mannered.
4.  Must be smart too.
5.  Buys lots of nice clothes.
6.  Like shopping.
7.  Like pink.
8.  Have first kiss before graduate from secondary school.
9.  Take lots of layouts from
10. Last... I will definitely not couple or date Matthew. (that is what Amanda ask me.)

Don't know what to write already..

If  think of something will continue lah! =)

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