Wednesday, December 31, 2008

20 people I treasure most ...

Mum :
I happy because you bring me to this world.
I angry because you just couldn't stop telling people what mistake I had done.
I forgive because I know how much you sacrifice for me.
I love you because... sometimes and somehow I fell protected when you are around and you kinda like save me from my boredom.

Jia Yi :
You send me to most of my tuition. I still remember that you used to walk me to my tuition before you know how to drive. When I'm sick you make me some normal but delicious meal (once). Sometimes you say you wouldn't care about me and send me to tuition but it only lasts 5 minutes. You used to fall down because of me (the only thing I know when I'm small).

Jia-Li :
You want me to grow big and healthy.
You let me know how fun it is to bake.
When I want to eat something, you will surely cook it for me.
You correct me when I am wrong and you make manage to get high marks in my project.
Your harsh words may make me cry but deeply I know you want me to be good.

Jia Wei :
You are so different from the others. You teach people in a soft and friendly way. You play with me although you older than me more than 10 years or less. When you make me sad, you somehow fell scared and guilty. If I want something and it is affordable, you will get it for me.

Dad :
Sometimes you make me hate you a lot. You are just kinda like mum, you want to let the whole world know what mistake I had done. But you somehow help me in almost everything. I might me rude sometimes but it is all because you are too annoying sometimes.

Su Hsien :
You are not only my cousin but my friend and "sister". You are smart, pretty and childish, that's what make you special.

Pei Hsien :
We are the same age but you are way smarter than me. We can talk all day long even if there is nothing to do.

Soo Ching :
We are friends for 10 years. You are so funny that you make me laugh in whatever situation.

Jonathan Quah :
Your words might hurt me but your chubby and funny face make me recover.

Yean Raan :
You are far away from KL but we still keep in touch. That shows how good our friendship are.

Daniel Law :
We are BFF. Even if we are not in the same school and lose touch but you are still my BFF. I don't put an extra F for nothing.

Ariff Faarkir :
You a bit "sombong" and you are smart. You are willing to teach me and I feel so happy to have you as my friend. You always joke so seriously.

Emily :
Although we are not related and we don't always meet, you are the one who cheer me up when I'm sad.

Chi Khay :
You let me know how hard is to serve a person. You are one of the one who is hard to serve. Sometimes when I talk to you, you just don't care to reply.

Meng Xi :
You are fat, you are chubby, you are cute. You are the only person that I trust most. I told you most of my secret because that is what BFF do.

Jonathan Hong :
You are harsh to me but I feel protected when you are around. You are just like my brother.

Rachel Quek :
You another one that is hard to serve. But sometimes you treat me so good that I feel that you can be my sister.

Kar Yean :
You always full of games. I will not feel boring when you are around.

Mrs. Kulasingam :
It's hard to believe but it's true. Thanks to your scolding and pulling and that is what make my English so good.

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