Monday, November 10, 2008

What a boring day...

Wah, today damn boring! Wake up 8.20 in the morning and then go tuition. Go until 10.00 a.m and then walked back. The sun shone so brightly today. So hot! But, I noticed that I got a special ability. Wanna know what is my special ability? I got the power to create wind. Haha! I damn lame right? Came home and then I ate my breakfast, half boiled egg, while eating I watch CARTOON. I watched Nickelodean(612), Playhouse Disney(613), Disney(614) and Catoon Network(615) channels. Arghh, so nice! I'm so childish. *LOL* After that, I do tuition homework.

In the afternoon, I ate chicken rice again. Then, I played computer, use the net, play maple and play sims 2. And the whole afternoon just wasted on playing COMPUTER .

At night, ate dinner, watch "Jump In!", do tuition homework (I noticed that I got more tuition homework than school homework) and then THIS.

When I'm doing THIS, I noticed that last year I started my old blog is almost the same time that I started this blog but only that I started the old blog 1 month earlier than this. This : 2008 Old : 2007

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