Saturday, October 4, 2008

Argh, Drama!

Oh my god, drama is just around the corner! It's on the 15 of October. I still not yet memorize my script. I think I'm the second most line to memorize during my turn. I'm actually the group leader and my group consist of 14 people. It's so difficult to control. Espeacially the third group, they are so not cooperative. We are actually doing the Jerat which is our title.

Characters :
  1. Ayah
  2. Ibu
  3. Lamin
  4. Kudin
  5. Ujang

Kogilan - Narrator

Front Part :
Me - Ayah
Nur Faizah - Ibu
Kar Yean - Lamin

Middle Part :
Dhaanavendran - Ayah
Soo Ching - Ibu
Rafidah - Lamin
Yew Wai - Kudin
Yan Zai - Ujang

Last Part :
Jeremy - Lamin [not cooperate]
Mei Ting - Kudin (1st part)
Ummu Khalsum - Kudin (2nd part)
Yu Kheong - Ujang (1st part) [not cooperate]
Samuel Lee - Ujang (2nd part) [ still ok]

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